Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rats in Hawaii 2014

Angela Kneale is a survivor of Toxic Mold aka Mycotoxin poisoning. What is contained in this page and blog is my personal experiences in living with and reducing symptoms of the Toxic mold strains in MY body and in my belongings. This is my personal journal as many have asked me questions about how I was able to get healthy from Mold Mycotoxin poisoning experiences. Also, I have a resurrection gene. 8/28/2016
In Hawaii, it is a known issue that Rats will move in and take over a house or apartment complex. There is not much that anyone can do besides move out. The 2013-2014 Pauoa Valley house in Honolulu, HI I lived in had other issues besides Toxic Mold. 
After the landscape maintenance guy cut down ALL of the natural growth in the front of the house, we had a rat issue. Their natural home being destroyed, the rats moved in. 

I never had parasite or bug issues in my bedroom at this location. The tenants downstairs didn't have such an easy time with the rats eating their tomatoes and fighting on their bed. Welcome to the rainforest. Mind, that the house was renovated on the interior, but needed a roof replacement badly.  My issue mainly stemmed from them liking to sleep by my head. One scraped my ear one night and I only had one tiny scratch like I was tagged. I did occasionally diffuse some essential oils from my bed stand, once or twice a week.