Friday, August 26, 2016

My Everyday Ketogenic Vegan plan (with Pics)

This is my most current re-design of my morning Alkaline/Keto-Vegan diet
This far is O.K. if you're not allergic to tree nuts.
I just passed a 2 year anniversary here in Hawaii. That is in my battles with the proliferous stachybotrys of Pauoa Valley just outside downtown Honolulu near the Pali, and Pacific Heights. I have designed this nutrition plan for myself,  with professional Homeopathic advice, Jeff Tuttle's in person Oahu talks about Liv's Green 2o alkaline energy drink, and more recently through a 

seminar presentation I received on USB given by Dr. Ben Greenfield on Ketogenic diet.  
Morning Plan:
  • 6-8oz of H20 wake up
  • 2-3 Digestive Enzymes
  • 1 scoop Vega Sport Performance protein (chocolate in photo)
  • 5mg Creatine (Cre5 )
  • 16oz Americano+1tsp raw sugar with my MCT oil (Greenworld Coffee,Best Barista=Moe) (pic shows my use of a Rewards, i'm so sorry Greenworld!!! friends don't let friends drink Starbucks- so it's a venti 20oz- I used 1/2 coffee and then end of day other 1/2 of it.)
Daytime Plan:
  • Mix 3 sticks (packets) Green 2o with 1 gallon purified water
  • Add Lemon and extra water as desired
  • Almonds, Hawaii Macadamia, Chesnuts, Peanuts for snacking (peanuts if I'm not around peanut allergy peeps) Personally I don't like Cashews because they give off a gas that smells bad to me.
Brunch/Lunch/Late Lunch or Dinner
      1/2 lb of salad (3 picture examples below)
 Will update rest l8r.
Basically, That's it.
Nuts when I'm hungry and Green 2o mostly when I'm hungry.