Sunday, August 07, 2016

Ketogenic Vegan with Night time carb load

My disclaimer is that this is about what I have done to be a Ketogenic Vegan for the past 2 years. I'm not saying it is good or great. Nor did I even know about Ketogenic diets until year 2 and 3mos.
My Ketogenic Vegan diet stemmed out of my fighting toxic mold invaders for my ability to walk, think, and breathe. That fight meant starving the pervasive mold and not giving up my vegan diet and personal ethics. Starving the mold meant not feeding it any type of sugar. Any type of sugar meant anything that I eat that is turned into sugar. Apparently, they haven't made carbs that remain dormant until they are needed to turn into sugar, so i took the practical option. I refrained from eating almost all carbohydrates. Or, I at least kept my carb intake below 50g a day until I was free from mold symptoms.

Sadly, even after over 1.5 years battling Hawaii's toxic mold, the mold is still in my body at least enough that I cannot resume regular consumption of carbohydrates. I experience symptoms of Toxic mold after 6 weeks of moderate carbohydrate consumption. However, since I live in a tropical climate with rainforests, it is safe to say that I could be revisited by different instances of Toxic Mold spore invaders.

So, after the initial battles eliminating ALL, and I mean ALL major sources of carbs, I was able to get better. In hindsight, it started after 3 weeks of moving into a place in Pauoa Valley on the outskirts of Honolulu City. I started having extreme allergic reactions to chemical air freshners that my housemates kept in  the house. I thought I needed a cleanse so I opted for colonics that I heard  other women discuss at work (their friends tried) for improving skin & allergies. I went 2x and the allergies subsided and the air fresheners were unplugged. Over 7 months later my symptoms started with extreme lethargy and being winded after going up 1 step. The visible symptom was my back having an unrelenting raised rash all over it.  And, it started with  included brain fog.
I went to a homeopath and World renowned nutritionist in Honolulu for dietary advice. And, I was shocked with what she suggested. But, I did it like my life depended on it and I got better in 3 mos.

I remained on Grain-free, Fruit-free Vegan diet because my attempts at eating carbs 2 years ago lead me to sickness after the holiday parties. No more fruit juice, no more bread, no more noodles/pasta, & no more rice. Not even in Protein Powder. We are talking about omitting the things human culture is built on till today, reluctantly. 

Until I heard a speech about the Ketogenic Diet from a professional, I was unwilling to relinquish (even to my prior nutritionist), my carb loading after work and before sleep. This I started adding on because I simply would collapse after work. I focused so hard to make it through my shift on low calories that I couldn't even drive home. I would fall asleep in my car outside work, then outside my residence. I would start falling asleep driving half-way there, pull over and nap for about 3 hrs to continue. So, my carb loading after work was somewhere around 100grams (from Taco Bell) with a cup of coffee that had a packet of sugar and a sploosh of non-dairy creamer. One of my customers somehow got a burrito for me one day with nothing but lettuce and their avocado/ guacamole sauce. Today, In a drive thru jam I  try ordering the 7 layer burrito without rice, cheese, sourcream & add a side of guacamole. I read on someone else's site that that burrito is vegan without the cheese / sourcream. Though, not all of these burritos are 100% if you're vegan and you know what I be careful every bite. I've had to throw some away.
Sometimes, it would be a trip to 7-11 and picking up a 20g Protein Cliff bar with a coffee.

Secret revealed. My night time carb load, stay in ketosis during the day. Still vegan, to the best of my knowledge.

Now, you might ask why the Burrito and not the Cliff bar? 
I eat the Burrito, not because I'm enthralled with the fast food magic flavor of Taco Hell. I eat it because the presence of vegetable matter helps to process the proteins better. I've also learned to be more efficient on the diet. Without fresh greens, it is difficult for my body to process protein alone.

In the Superior Athlete BG's presentation he carb loads up to 200g and maintaining ketosis during the day.  I'm not an athlete like that, nor do I claim to be, nor do I work out, nor did I run the Penn Relay's like my Brother did (RIP bro), nor am I an Olympic Gymnast from Japan like my mother was before her accident. I am me, a lazy Classical PIANIST who sold her last piano on the beach to some surfers and wound up with an old battered used Brewer board that people tell me not to use.

So, now that i've bored the miniscule audience I might have to death;- Here are my new dietary adjustments as a Ketogenic Vegan coming out of the rainforest,
and the proper order for me? (would love to ask) before adding more into my diet. This is after listening to Athlete BG's lecture

Breakfast & Lunch
1. wakeup- a bottle carbonated sparkling lemon flavored mineral water take nootropics
wait 15-20 min
2. 5g Creatine
wait 5-10 min
3. 2 vegetarian digestive enzyme caplets
4. Coffee powered MCT oil (1 tbs) + Vega Sport Performance Shake
5. piece of celery, green juice, or veggie breakfast salad (1/2lb veggies) or Green2o

Then repeat above for each meal.
I weigh 116ish so, I drink about 3 liters of water a day.

  • I take digestive enzymes for each protein shake
  • Days I feel super sluggish after carb loading on something, I take up to 5 enzyme caplets for the day. 
  • 2-3 TBS MCT oil works best in my stomach on the Heavenly Salad. MCT oil Doesn't work well with the Mineral drink. It's o.k. in Coffee (though CBD oil is preferred, but rare)
  • I take digestive enzymes when I can before my nighttime carb load that happens 3x a week.
  • I turn my gallon of H20 into a gallon of Green2o with 3 stix = 3-6lbs of veggies minerals, I consume 1 gallon of this appx every 24 hrs. Sometimes, less on the regular h20 sometimes more. depends on how hot it is and how active I am through the day. Or, if i'm just doing extra cleansing. 
Do I drink Alcohol?
I drink alcohol. Yes. However, it's not a daily pride item. 
I take shots, not fruity tropical drinks. In fact mimosas give me rashes. 

  • If I have a shot of liquor, I have a back of Clear bubbly Club Soda (lemon or lime added)
  • Once in a while I've had a beer. And, it is just A single beer. 
  • I like vodka martini's Dirty occasionally. 

That's about it.  
If someone wants to impersonate me and live like this full time, BE MY GUEST!!! good luck!