Sunday, August 07, 2016

Ketogenic Vegan Trip Places to Eat Honolulu

I've been on what i realize now to be a ketogenic Vegan diet for 2 years.
So, since I've read that many strong-willed vegans with ethical backgrounds  find it very difficult to exist;- I'm making another short list of places that have foods available.

I had this thought yesterday about being Keto-Vegan -
Noone to eat with, Lots to do!

Ketogenic vegan, (skip the fruits and grains) or even being vegan in general can be socially exclusionary, to the point of being an outcast. However, even if you can't agree with a person long enough to have a peaceable meal without them complaining or asking a barrage of questions about not eating enough; you can still eat out at your own cafe table.
Even if it is only one thing that is on a menu somewhere; - it is one thing. And, eating more than a fist or 2 size of food is being gluttonous. Also, eating Hummus is like attending a social event and it's cost from a grocery store to a cafe or dinner restaurant runs @ convenience store $5 to $18? at Turtle Bay pool bar

These are the Businesses I frequent moderately for keto- meals & energy. If any of these businesses don't want their mention here, please contact me or let me know the next time I stop in.

Panda Express:  Mixed Veggies (large side $5or bowl $7.75)- can add their hot mustard to it.
Valkenburgh St.   This is the only location that ALWAYS has a fresh batch that isn't scragly &                                   dehydrated. Must be that the US Military staff eats fresh veggies too.

Taco Del Mar      Has guacamole and salad, they can make anything vegan though looking at
Valkenburgh St.   beans and lettuce with pico sauce.

Loving Hut: 
King Street   Heavenly Salad (order without fried tofu) - ample size, made of shredded cabbages,                        mint, oil-less ACV dressing, peanuts, onion, carrot. Sometimes I treat myself to the                        tiny Crispy rolls- fried vegan rolls for some carbs with Taro & Shiitake inside.

Down to Earth - Organic Salad bar (appx $10.03/ pound). Bulk Nuts,Grocery, drinks in the cooler
Multiple Locations
Vegetarian Grocery

It's a Wrap aka Saigon Salad -   Avocado Salad- order without tofu. Have walnuts. ($9)
in Discovery Bay @ Ala Moana Blvd.

ABC convenience store 
corner of Ala Moana Blvd & Hobron
usually has Fresh Avo, Celery Stix, Lemons, Hummus, and other fresh veggies, drinks and is the most Keto-Vegan friendly of all the ABC's i've been to on island. It's across from the Marina and is better than the ABC at the nearby Mall.

Blue Tree         Green Glow-  pure green juice without fruits. I add turmeric 16oz ($9)
Kapiolani Blvd  the salads and hummus and soups vary and aren't always vegan.

Greens & Vines  The whole food menu, you gotta try it and check your own carb intake and take the rest with you. Vegan Menu is geared towards those with Candida (yuk), Overall Low in Carbs yet they use fruits like dates in the mustards and sauces.

Thai Village - Coconut Vegetable soup & Ginger Lemongrass Vegetable Soup ($10) takeout
Waipio Shopping Center  Tasty, Spicy soup with vegetables only. Can be ordered with Tofu.They                                    also can make noodle-less vegetable summer rolls served with peanut sauce.

Waialua -
Waialua Sugar Mill  Lilikoi & Poi flavored shave ice inside the big barn, not too sweet.
             O.k. I cheated, but this a superfood flavored treat after North Shore Hot Yoga..

North Shore - Sunset Beach - Turtle Bay - Pounders
There are farmer's stands and plenty of ice cold fresh coconuts. some cut up for eating, and some for drinking. Lots of exotic fruits that are tempting if you still eat fruit;- For me, lilikoi is the best of the bunch. Out of season avocado (rare) are between $6-10 per local avocado.

Haleiwa, North Shore Oahui  Green Salad and Guacamole (best Guacamole on Island) 

Teavana -  Teas & accepts Starbucks cards
upper level Ala Moana Shopping Mall near old Nordstrom

Pressed Juicery -   Cold Pressed Juices made fresh daily
Piikoi Entrance Ala Moana Shopping Mall

Vitamin Shoppe - Protein Powders, MCT oil, Coconut oil, Supplements, drinks in Cooler, Snacks
Multiple Locations on Island

Wraps not Salads - Obviously separate due to the 20g-49g carbs included in the grain based wrap. 

Very Berry - Hummus wrap is alot of salad
Kaneohe Shopping Center (has a Grocery Store in Shopping center)

Muddy Waters - They can make a Hummus Wrap or Bagel with Sauerkraut
Kaneohe near MCB (has a Grocery Store in Shopping center)

Vim & Vigor   Avocado Wrap (appx. $9)
Ala Moana Shopping Mall ( nothing else nearby except Japanese Grocery near Payless or go to Hobron ABC or expect to pay $16 for a garden salad at a nearby cafe)