Thursday, August 04, 2016

Keto Vegan with MCT

Back to my normal routine starting tomorrow. And, am cutting my chia intake I tried to include for a few weeks. Causes GI issue. I took a break from my nutrition plan upon starting the Mark Divine course, and my joints hurt.

My body likes being grain free, fruit free, and soy free. 

Instead of chia, I'm going to China town and picking up some Basil seeds, maybe some poppy seeds. The Vietnamese use basil seeds for Weightloss. In my mind, 1. It's not grain, 2. Gels fast in hot water, 3. Medicinal properties? Unknown maybe holy basil is better. Still somewhat flavourless.

Off the shelf just found NoW sprouting mix- non organic not grain clover fenugreek radish.

Something else I found I like having added to occasional skinny hummus salad "wraps" use big leaf of lettuce for the wrap, is sauerkraut. 

Another veggie I like is Pohoke Ferns from Maui

Split pea soup mix once in a while 3/4 cup prepared soup mix 40g carbs,220cal, 16g protein from Wil-Pak Foods split in half serving.

I like using mustards on my steamed veggies & everything  for extra flavour 

Though I like pesto, after 2 years Leto-vegan, my stomach churns at the thought of consuming olive oil. I was thinking I can make an MCT based cashew pesto with sundried tomato & basil...grow some of the basil seeds.

Maui taro burgers still fit in a ketogenic carb range @ 26g carbs a patty, but have grains in them. So I'll get the occasional poi.

Keeping cacao in my diet or pure chocolate, nice too I can get Hawaii grown.

Vega sport performance has 4g carbs. They don't stock enough mocha on island.

Udo's 3•6•9 blend still has flax in it-- so my stomach is happy today and settled with the 3tbs MCT coconut oil I added to my coffee and food.
I occasionally like to relax with original flavour CbD oil in my coffee as well. I drink about 16oz of coffee a day and balance with 2-3x plain water.

I'm also adjusting my daily or every other day organic salad so that I stack the natural oils:- more organic black olives, a little more avocado, then MCT oil. 

Snack food is blanched almonds. I don't do grain, so I still have to see if I can add hemp seeds. I also don't do much eating beans in the past 2 years, including hummus.

Saltwater flush in the morning on occasion.

Soup broth for a change of flavour. Sodium. And, can add a spoonful of hot eggplant babaganoush or curry.

Coconut milk powder has 5g carbs per tbsp...mix with water.

Kale chips also fit the bill though are not cost effective. 10g carbs per serving. Flavoured ones make my stomach turn with the processed tahini I've also gotten tired of in the past 2decades.

Japanese shirataki noodles have 1g carb and zero calories, made from yam powder. 

Celery sticks & cucumbers are normal snack foods and provide fiber. They have less sugar than carrots.

Toss in occasional fresh all green juice (no fruit) $7-$9 for 16 oz. Or beet juice.

Organic lemons for munching or water.

Whole Avocados plenty

Seeds & nuts as usual.

Endangered species dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs (Bat featured) sometimes two for the week 21g carbs