Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Issues with modern day Seppuku

The Being 1st generation Japanese-American has brought many troubling issues for me. The one that is outstanding is how my American father sold the swords my ofesan gave to him. So pathetic I don't know where to begin.
Next is that in the USA, it's illegal to behead a person, perhaps even after they bleed out. 
Then, because the United States has so many discrepancies, I would want a clean and understood death. 
I won't even mention that I wanted to commit suicide when I was 9years old. The abuse from the Quakertown community was too much then. I only stayed alive to take the relentless beatings that my brother would have had to endure if I didn't accept blame for his mistakes. Thus, I was beyond upset when they found him dead with his brains blown out with a gun all over the area near where clam bake stove was.

I feel sorry for my mother that she came to the United States at all. 

I grew up with the story of how the white nurses at Quakertown Hospital in 1970 killed my sister after her first breaths and told her 
how she didn't deserve to have children. children. That story was one I heard nearly every night. And as young as I can remember, my mother educated me that the men at my church and school would probably rape me, and how my parents could not afford a lawsuit for such a matter. However, when things got so bad in the USA I was to kill myself, as no one in the family overseas had time to try and solve problems. There are no lawsuits, only war and preferably peace with the Americans. As Japanese I have a duty to the Emporer to exist so that American people meet a little bit of Japan. There were very few Japanese on the east Coast USA living with their families at that time. So I was to represent Japan as well.

Dying a macaroni and cheese death is not something I want in the USA. Tibet helped me through the last round of murder attempts on my life in the east Coast USA.

I have very little in common or that I like of the people I have met in Hawaii. Many are 3-4th generation and are not very classy, missing the Hepburn mark by more than a few republican elephant turds.