Sunday, August 14, 2016

I am a Toxic Mold Survivor - Vegan Alkaline Ketogenic

Angela Kneale is a survivor of Toxic Mold aka Mycotoxin poisoning. What is contained in this page and blog is my personal experiences in living with and reducing symptoms of the Toxic mold strains in MY body and in my belongings. This is my personal journal as many have asked me questions about how I was able to get healthy from Mold Mycotoxin poisoning experiences. Also, I have a resurrection gene. 8/28/2016
After 3.5mos August 28, 2014
Angela M. Kneale 

Photos of my blood sample (2 slides/ pin prick) on the monitor under 
a microscope July 2014

Zoom Out;- look to odd formation 2/3 to right
Angela M. Kneale

Magnified area - July 22, 2014
Angela M. Kikuchi 菊池 Kneale