Sunday, August 14, 2016

Growing up Dual National in Quakertown, PA

The American mindset that I encounter daily is extremely suppressive. It is very difficult for me to get through each day. And, if it weren't for my dedication to my mother's wish and my Ogesan's (Japanese grandfather) allowance, and my duty I was taught that I have to my Emporer in Japan, there is no way I would be alive today. I know was born with 2 nationalities. I think the media paves over the USA domestic political current. I know that the normal Japanese I meet think that they know everything about the USA because they have made a home for themselves independent of the mainstream USA.

In the USA, despite my being a Japanese National born citizen, the Richland Elementary school in Quakertown, PA i attended forced me to stop speaking and reading Japanese. They infiltrated my home, took away my Japanese story books from my earliest memories, and abused me physically at school. They also allowed a group of 5 other female children to punch and kick me as well as pull me by my hair and jerk my neck around in front of the recess teacher on the playground. When I got to Strayer Middle school also in Quakertown, PA the teachers and principle "offered me a chance to live with all white people. because they thought my parents were too abusive." Either by my Dual Nationality or my high IQ, I was given a choice. I decided they would place me in a more abusive home as the community couldn't live up to its responsibilities when they took Asian foreign exchange students. I thought they would kill me.  I also had very few friends, and had committed to playing the piano when I was 9 years old because my dance classes were filled with racist peers.
I attended Quakertown Community High School where my US Cultures teacher humiliated and abused me in front of the class. I was made to go the back of the room to a large bulletin board where there was a picture of a 3 tier latrine. The ex football coach & teacher said "Now point at it! You see that! You see that you J**! That shitter is YOU!" That day was the beginning of the onslaught that followed from him during every history lesson. To this day, I believe that the 30 some other kids in my class would kill me just because of that rotten Aryan teacher. In fact, it didn't matter which class I attended, the other students and the teachers I had always were creating more issues for me than I had time for. It lead to meteocre grades. Once I even walked into a class with 1/2 of my face black and blue. I went the whole day until English class before anyone, any teacher even asked me if I was o.k., sent me back to my desk and said nothing to anyone.
Noone in that community cared. Noone. Especially not my parents' legal advisors.