Tuesday, August 09, 2016

ChickPea Mayhem - Recipe

Grain-Free Chickpea Mayhem - Chickpeas aka Garbanzo's are the mainstay of many novice vegan protein plans. Loaded with Protein & Carbs by the can or cooked, these peas make the paste.
My 1st Hummus venture was out of a cookbook at my Great-Grandmother's old farm house. I was never allowed to receive funds from Japan, as the USA always threatened to jail me as an agent, so I took odd jobs. I went to work for A male Greek chef who owned the Cabbagetown Cafe before its closure. The only legitimate garbanzo cooking I had got me falafel'd out. I took a college summer month to serve falafels at NY State fairs for my summer rent money.
Over 30 years later, chickpeas are a rare main meal or salad item for me.  If chickpeas could walk, they are on my plank for taste fatigue. Though, I would plant them in the ground where they belong;- Here is my last Vegan-Keogenic-grain-free-fruit-free Chick Pea recipe from scratch.

Deconstructed Hummus Salad

estimated effective(net) carbs 20-25.5g 
estimated calories 227.5
  1. 2 tbsp - 1/4 cup hydrated chick peas (carb 11.5g canned, calories 72) 
  2. 1tbsp raw sesame seeds (carb 2.1g, calories 52)
  3. 1Tbsp parsley (carb .2g, calories 1 )
  4. Pinch natural sea salt to taste
  5. 1 tsp MCT oil (carbs 0, calories 75)
  6. 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
  7. 1 Romaine or Other inner/outer lettuce leaf (carb .1g - .7g, calories 4)
  8. 1/2 a 301g cucumber - cut lengthwise & scoop out seeds. (Carb 5.5g, calories 23.5) 
  9. Optional 1/8 a Lemon= wedge (carb 5.5g)

  • Halve the cucumber lengthwise and scoop out seeds. Keep them if u want to eat them. Dice lettuce and parsley.
  • Mix lettuce leaf & parsley leaves, with sesame seeds, cayenne, salt, and sesame seeds (and cucumber seeds).
  • Then mix MCT oil with the chick peas.
  • After chick peas are evenly coated with oil, mix thoroughly with leaves & seeds mixture.
  • Spoon the chick peas and leaves & seeds mixture into the hollowed out cucumber. 
  • Let marinade overnight or its ready to eat.
  • Squeeze lemon juice onto salad as desired
Additional extras:- white pepper to taste