Wednesday, August 03, 2016

American concept of "home"

Experiential learning has transcended typical rural boundaries online. A man who returned to land from RIMPAC drills said to me;-  "no it's just that we miss home." He said that in response to  My dismay with the "white girl" syndrome From white USA soldiers returning. So, this USA soil mindset is that USA Homeland is to be most supportive of white women. This man returns and only wants to support white women after being abroad, despite other attractive American women of other racial descent being single and available. Reinforced by the RIMPAC drills having people of different races and countries that weren't white, so a white mindset  in the USA who "isn't white" doesn't belong. And, that other races in the USA should support this idea to make as reality. This is aside from the fact that there are European countries with White people. 
So understanding that this is a common definition of what Americans call home;- why should I do anything to support their version of home that moves to exclude me and threaten my "no -white" American life. 
I am grateful for the verbal exchange, however;- it lends itself to a capitalist way of thinking of the world that favours propagation of only all white/Caucasian families. As my siblings have already been murdered by USA racists & racism, it is an understanding that those of us who are not white are merely an American grounded cat's paw reaching into foreign nations. 
Why USA soldiers don't embrace the diversity of the USA Homeland is detrimental to my future, even without my having made an EXIM attempt for the USA that I am pondering today. 
I've even had this type of conversation with sailors/soldiers of other nations. They see the USA men/soldiers dock and leave bases in segregated groups based on race. They find it astonishing that the sailors all run the same ship yet seem to have an intense hatred for each other by race, by USA locales, when departing for R&R. 
It is a ridiculous notion for me to continue to tolerate, as a minority and mixed race and nationality female in the USA. My tasks are only compounded by problems that the USA has made clear are based in Nationality first. Clearly I'm merely a cat's paw and pawn to the USA, and some days I am no one, and others thee USA fears their own hurting me as I can also be a great liability to the USA. There is no consistency that makes for a stable life and business platform for me to remain living, especially in the USA.