Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Visit to temple

I visit the temple at Byodo-In in Hawaii. 
There are many American tourists many who seem to be Latino who are sporting biceps with Christian tattoos while holding their cameras.  I heard some are say that the temple exists so they can find hookers and run hookers. One of them is a large African-American man. I hear one saying, that one's a hooker and that one there. He seems to be pointing out the Asian women. I'm horrified that this is what temple means to the non-Asian American men. 
After making a small donation, I light incense. And find a place to sit and meditate. A fat Caucasian woman moves the long bench I am sitting on in the Buddha room to adjust her sock. Then she turns around to sit.
There is no introduction room or anything for this temple structure. It seems to have little spiritual value to those around me. One Asian parent prostrated in front of Buddha. She tries to have them bow. The parent's children ask why he needs to pray to Buddha in English. 
I feel more violates than relieved to come to this "sanctuary" as it provides no sanctuary to me. 
I think of Buddhas animals as I continue meditate, and how they each have a place in Buddhas' kingdom. Then I think of the tourists. I try to internalize the outrage and anger I have found in this visit to temple.