Sunday, July 03, 2016

Third of July 3rd

Oahu fireworks- Magic  Island, in front of Ala Moana;- according to Travis from the Maui team... we will have a great fireworks display bombarded with ground level fireworks. There will be fewer high Ariel fireworks. 
Getting a good seat up front is key to this years fireworks display.

So, for the military members who are sensitive to Explosions due to PTS;- this will be a dimmer view from above. 

The North Shore, Haleiwa, is already setting up for their holiday block party that will run until 11PM tonite. The block party will include Salsa, dancing, food and drinks all in the parking lot area by the Wyland art Gallery and Cholos and Patagonia store. 

I'll probably be online? catching a 23rd year of fireworks from Ithaca community fireworks display, in NY, if possible. Or, looking forward to 360 drone footage of the display.