Sunday, July 10, 2016


There is nothing else in my mind than

"You either are or you aren't for me."

My life is lonely waiting on TPP agreement;- I used to be a classical piano teacher, business organizational consultant, bartender. Hawaii is full of unsavory and inappropriate as well as life threatning people. Those  who wouldn't even qualify to host a foreign exchange student due to the broken family structures really are the most inappropriate in making comments. They don't even have a wholesome American Family let alone fit a high standard of the definition of success by American standards. Instead I'm being bombarded with criticisms by Hawaii's FOB 3rd world prostitutes who latch onto the rich men here as success is huge in their home country for the $150 or so going price for prostitutes. I've learned to hate the speech impediment or Asian foreign accent on English as the people are extra numb and abusive to tolerate. Emotionally it's like hearing nails on a chalkboard screeching.  It's not only aggravating, it is like its America's way of shafting the TPP with Japan before it is finished in completion.
This goes for 
1. the long range business plan, 
2. my family is treated more harshly due to their political friends negatively impacting my life;- ie., killing my brother so he wouldn't be at my wedding (which didn't happen). A DOD employee contacted me to tell me even my family would be considered terrorist if they threatened my life at this point. @ 2005.
3. People I let close to me who really aren't qualified to speak to me about the long range business plan. 
4。Racists hiding behind the polite, cordial, and nice veil. Not for me.
5.  Men who want an intimate relationship. And bad-mouth me because of their own deficiency that is not for me.

You  are for me or aren't for me. If I'm not "happy" it's because you aren't for me or necessarily against me and I have to tolerate being there. There is no bringing in anyone to the Plan. So, there is no use for extra people who can jeopardize our goals for the 11million+ who have families to support. And, that number is expected to quadruple in the next 25years.

 My Father and my Mother are politically askew from good intentions towards me, have been accomplice to their Republican friends in dismantling my life in order to propagate WW3. Legally they are entities who met minimal accommodations and both broke child abuse laws (more so my mother on a daily basis than my father) and pilfered what was left for me by my Great-grandmother. My mother, initially part of the Imperial Japanese Household Security and my Father, EX- USAF OSI are both ostracized from the family. I have tried my best through an extremely abusive and life threatening environment to survive on behalf of the PEACE concept. 
I am at a point where, my instructions since childhood as an Agent of Japan and serving my Emperor seem futile. Though, my sentiment is to terminate this relationship as there is no one who is helping to improve my life to a reasonable mode of living. Everyone who knows of this plan and has money to gain or loose threatens me with legalities, and so I have remained with my "Vow of Poverty" I was forced to realize in 1996 if I was to continue my life.

Since I have been in Hawaii;- I was unwillingly detained by a Navy Seal trainer and Martial artist and tossed into the Hawaii sex industry. He forced me to surrender money I made, if it wasn't stolen from me along with other pieces of my identity. This is due to his parents' ineptitude financially. He also identified hisself as a Federal Agent and a VIP body guard. He explained he had to do this to me so that he could protect his own "credit rating" to keep his job. Due to this initial violation of my personal well being, It opened the doors to more attacks from the Hawaii military & sex industry, as well as the local security companies and Honolulu Police department;- all involved in sex trafficking or illegal narcotics to some degree. 

This Hawaii is tired. It would be refreshing to have new security move into the area and more constraints on soldiers at all levels;- as they are to take orders and fail at being better civilian business people.