Friday, July 29, 2016

Omedatou Okinawa!!!

Here in Hawaii, I go to night clubs somewhat regular. It isn't what I expect most days. Former US military and Hawaii syndicate members talk to me about the days when their pockets were full. How they used to carry over USD 25k in Tokyo to party and schmooze and mingle. Some are upset and don't like life now without the money. They complain to me, as I listen. I definitely have been 
Pushed to the limits of "indigent ethnicity"  and especially in Hawaii. That is despite being schooled on the mainland east coast. 
I just texted an ex- US marine, commodities broker about how I'm happy about the Okinawa land return today. Since February, I've met 2 UsMc higher ups. One who travels to Japan frequently and a Hawaiian surfer friend introduced me to him the morning of the 5marine memorial @ north shore. He talked about toothpaste spit on his mirror over lunch. A lunch I wanted to remove myself from in entirety. Other was a colonel who I met out one night, and whose Pentagon  buddies from the Irish rose pub harassed me (worse than a prostitute) in subsequent months till July 4th, 2016.