Sunday, July 10, 2016

Globalized Clothing is "Fashion"

Globalization of the world is happening. One thing that containers and shiploads of clothes contains is the globalized interpretations of what used to be cultural prints and patterns. 
No longer on homespun from a loom, the "tribal" designs have left villages and virtually evaporated. Instead, there is a cacophony of "culturally or tribal" inspired design from the Caucasian globalism fashion regime. The stores that plague the American landscape in heinous strip mall force contain the battered products of a sweatshop global culture. 
They say, if it weren't for globalization and America, these workers would be penniless. 
Penniless is more affordable and luxurious compared to the garbage heaps and toxic air America's globalized tribal village has created abroad.
That is of course, while the American Elite remain harsh and progressive critics of using anything except organic fabrics. It's all gotten to be too late before the next population Explosion.