Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dream from this morning

Intense realistic dream futuristic ,
I was in the water with y surfboard being brushed with a shark's presence. Knocked off my board and in still water 
The shark kept grazing my submerged body. I held my breath at a smooth pace.

I returned to land and a large explosion had happened on the highway near a tunnel. People weren't rescued by paramedics and many of them made the highway their encampment. Some still bleeding from schrapnel and getting thinner;- they still possessed an oblivious and seemingly happy demeanor. A family sat on a silver mush tarp only 15feet from an overturned tractor trailer. It seemed that the explosion released a neurotoxin that put the highway traveller's in a state of happy trance, immune to their surroundings. 
I wasn't exposed to the neurotoxin during the shark encounter. And ran through the accident scene looking for help. Only one person noticed me or spoke with me, asked what I was doing and I said I was going to get help or food. I ran through what seemed to be a massive accident that ran the length of the highway. More and more peopl were "entranced" in the pleasant state covered wth blood and injuries. I ran back to where I had come from got to the the shoreline where there were soft grasses, and I thanked God for the lush soft grass. The hard surfaced pavement and hard edges of human invention were nightmarish tragedy. I grabbed at the thick beach grasses and felt their softness, thanked God again.