Sunday, July 17, 2016

Collapse of economy : toss thought

Reminder;- Do the thinking, do The mental work.

So how long is it going to take for everything to collapse.? All of the bad things that good people used to do, to keep everybody going but no one else was willing to do, are Now somewhat common place. 

When they passed the first laws to make made marijuana sales legal several million came out of the woodwork. It's turned into a projected 23billion by 2019. However those are not multimillion dollar companies who are going to return the dollars to the workforce in force. Or will they?

Even in Hawaii where Pakalolo is the #1 cash crop to pay off the $110k/acre agricultural land overhead;- there are still "drug" dealers at the strip clubs selling it, if not stripping through this decade.

Even back in 1999-2000 it was a better idea for Americans to simply grow their own marajuana at home. However, marajuana is restricted to those with medical marajuana cards. And, one doctor was reprimanded by his professional community for issuing over 500 cards within a years time. Clearly prohibition will be on growing at home.

I suspect the pharmaceutical industry already is making deals to buy up or supply the small local dispensaries. It's clear they already have teams dedicated to defeating naive newcomers by hacking and monitoring all competitive online actions, up to submitting a dispensary application to the state online. Hawaii of course being home to the GMO GIANT. This can total out the actual dispensary applications made by more normal citizens who want to live the dream.

Making marajuana an easy industry giant overnight is no issue. Keeping farming practices and seeds in the hands of the public may become an increasingly difficult as the laws will change to accommodate the mainstream industry.

Right now, They aren't sure if it's $10k out or $20k out per household they are loosing to the marajuana black market. That is to say the banks & credit card industry. Or maybe someone just takes this as a small portion of their equity line of credit. 

Block the crazy, the chronic laughter, they are doing the numbers and some more than special unwarranted surveillance.