Saturday, July 30, 2016

38th Floor, Light Orb anomaly

July 30, 2016 between 10pm (22:00) - 10:15pm (22:15) High frequency tone that I found irritating, same frequency I normally hear around installed alarms. The HF tone lasted for over five minutes with a loud gurgling sound coming from the Wall area of the A/C and bathroom sink (similar to an old heater). Only the hall & bathroom light was on. Near 10:15pm (22:15) There was a strong  flash of light about 2.5' in diameter that happened about a 1.5' from the lamp by the window . Then, nothing except for a smaller orb with dark matter around it 6 inches down from the corner of the wall/partition meeting the foyer by the A/C.  I thought maybe it was an electrical surge coming from the outlet box another 4.5' diagonal from the lampshade, and checked to see if the light bulb blew at the Lamp by the window. The light turned on and the bulb is in working condition.