Friday, June 24, 2016

USA Racism - my brother's memorial

After the not accidental death of my brother in 2005, we held a memorial service for him. The memorial service room was packed with his white so-called friends. His closest friend(s) not white showed up after most of the room cleared. We then had several people who knew him at our home. My father forced me to refrain from starting a physical altercation as the people he knew unleashed their laughter about how they had him beat up, stalked, dosed with drugs & left laying on the ground only to be kicked and hurt by their brothers and friends. Some of the instigators were the girls/young women he knew because they were making closer ties to the guys he knew. It was community racism. 
After the memorial service, I was stalked and threatened by white people with weapons and those who claimed they were at our home to mourn my brother's death. 
They were rotten people underneath the friendly" exterior for years since many were his friends in High school. 
It still angers me to the core of my being to this day.