Tuesday, June 21, 2016

USA mindset & copyright - Call for UNESCO Governance

  1. Translate world heritage & Copyright it ( and may OWN the proprietary rights and profitable value to it.) 
  2. Deny minority (non-Caucasian) mindset of their value. (value only non-Caucasian)
  3. Build Social discrimination within their own Country through their teachings
      1. Usually begin with an aggressive mindset and separation towards outside world community.
        1. begins a teaching by excluding those who don't share their Caucasian mindset
      2. devalues minority who has more cosmopolitan background, mindset, experience & impress emotional if not physical suicide on the individual to show domination.
      3. Uses this as a Domestic Fear-Based Mindset
  4. Adopt understanding of another Culture or religion (particularly Asian) to appear less abrasive to the domestic minority population. HOWEVER, maintain same oppressive language and behavior on the newly established minority playing field. 
1. Uses Globalized English
2. Is manipulated by a caucasian majority
3. Mentally & Emotionally Abusive and disresprctful of Non-Majority mindset from Other World Culture/ Countries.