Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Nuclear Spirit & LV Handbags

The United States of America is the only Military power that has openly AND covertly used nuclear bombs on Civilians and other nations. If you assign the value of nuclear weapon owned by a nation  as same as value of a personal luxury item, then the USA is making a big stink against the rest of the World's nations for looking more 1st World. The only thing the USA is lacking now is selling personal use mini nukes.

Nuclear Bomb = LV Handbag  

North Korea has been firing Missiles that are openly publicized in the USA for over a decade.
I'm not sympathetic to senseless killing;- However, I can sympathize with the sentiment that the USA has in the past decade;- used and elevated its own illegal international and domestic drug distributors to Federal Agent status. Those Federal Agents have had security clearances to access information and independently aggravate Asian politics from within the USA homeland.

Difference between North Korea, JAPAN, China
Where North Korea stands openly making threats and launching missiles has lasted over a decade;- they have taken on an air that equivocates the American domestic attitude of governing laws. More recent developments are anti-USA propoganda and disobedience of laws that were set in place to protect the masses of civilians.

Japan, has again waited with great aggravation like a parent while witnessing the USA's democratic citizens rape & murder many Japanese abroad and within Japan. The most recent rape and murder being in the past months and commanding a 65,000 person Japanese protest of USA military systems.
Though China has been more of the long range ICBM fear of Tokyo Officials;- North Korean hatred of the USA since the G6 in 2007 is now an immediate and critical concern for Japan.

The Japanese Government is not commanding the evacuation and relocation of Okinawan Japanese residents while these North Korean missile threats continue.

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JAPAN Nuclear/ Fire Storm Spirituality:- 

Some spiritualists over many religions concede to God's Plan. I only know one thing for certain, that God's Plan for we humanoids ends in a physical death. There is research that shows the effects of Nuclear disaster;- that many sentient beings who have physical form on this planet die in close proximity of the nuclear disaster. Some spiritualists do not blame God for the sentient beings perishing;- rather they blame the faulty nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs, and other nuclear weapons. They have even gone so far as to make

new findings in atomic research that simply state that Nuclear weapons are the only weapon that can actually destroy the Spirit itself (akin to the God particle). 

It also seems that spiritualists who think about the Fire Storm that is coming;- Don't personally accept that their viewpoint of God's Plan includes their death. They also project that they are special in God's view, and that death by Nuclear warfare or Nuclear Disaster is a horrible atrocity. They ultimately contradict and are intensely in Denial of their own spiritual teachings. When I presented a slight argument that there are amazing spiritual beings and other humanoid or non human sentient and physical life who can survive in the Aftermath and close proximity of the Nuclear disaster;- the spiritualists were appalled. They contested that it was not a matter of earthly, spiritual evolution;- that is, for creatures and humans who were mutated or survived Nuclear radiation to live.