Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stretching felt Great!!!

This morning, I did a shoulder stretch on my chartreuse, roll-out, squishie mat @ the Gym floor. It felt great today! 
Difference was I did the normal  shoulder stretch as follows;- laying face down with chin on the mat, either right arm or left arm crossed over sternum and pressed between body and the mat/floor. This time, I added an opposite leg lift off the floor until I felt my hips press securely against the mat. I actually felt my hips adjust into a relaxed position and it felt Great! Not sure if an instructor would agree as I've never been taught to stretch like this. It just felt right. My lower back and hips relaxed. Will add pic if someone can tell me what I did/doing. 

Me, @ a gym on my orange,roll-out, squishie mat more than a few months ago...Go! Nitrimax in the cup.