Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Tropical apartment nightmare #3

So again, several Rental options came my way. Some too far away for commute, some close. 
So, out of concern for me a member of a spiritual group I attend offered me a space rental for $200 for rest of the month. 
The building the studio is in is not up to modern day code, lacking working fixtures, lots of wood rot on sides and stairs and railing. Tons of visible mold growing on stairs and building (uncertain of attic space) and  No A/C.  Lacking a cable connection? And seemingly infested with cockroaches & rats that come and go in seasons as it was explained to me. $700/mo is a good deal to live close to downtown Honolulu. 
They painted the interior place and put in filtered water except for the kitchen. 
The place feels haunted, creepy to me. 
I'm a different person who likes clean bright modernity and knowing that my space isn't like a 1700's Black Plague and fire scene waiting to happen. 
If you see me crashed out bugging out in a beach park sometime soon;- don't be suprised. Not that I'm not appreciative to have a roof over my head in Hawaii after I kick down some rent. 
I'd just rather buy bottled water, catch a good night rest at a modern hotel, and know my housemate doesn't have boyfriend issues that can be further drama. Aside from our differences in liking rustic space with tropical trees that rats can use easily for roof access.