Thursday, June 02, 2016

May 2016 - my EX-IM notes

Elimination and *Action Plan + minimum constraints
  • Everyone has their own agenda
  • Some do marketing to "unite" it under a common cause
  • Race/national issues unwelcome
  • Refrain from using the word "Culture"
  • Business requirements to be met
    • not personal agendas of Others who create issues
  • There are no lawsuits at this level, only War(s).

Too Violent                vs.               Intelligent (Makes appropriate decision, maximizes cooperation)
Untrustworthy            vs.              Subversive ( Proven Works in favor of organization)
Steal from System      vs.              Personal Wealth (including education & experience)
(Steal from Business)

wrong mindset:   Military members work in teams against civilian initiative & corporate global agenda - Compromise integrity of mission especially using JAG's and free resources. 

*Eliminate those who compromise integrity

Looking for those who are 
  1. non-violent
  2. Non-Government  (not working for charitable causes either)
  3. Don't sway because of money
  4. Dedicated to cause or belief
*Set up business to see who steals

wrong mindset:  Qualifier mindset that must be eliminated:- Military Tourism = not international credibility.