Sunday, June 05, 2016

Male activists & Hawaii Feminism

Something that still irks me to this day, is the number of men who are activists and womanizers consistently. In 1997 I briefly held a part time job (Hawaii will kill me) with United Poultry Concerns, working for feminist Karen Davis. While working for her, it was the first time I protested within 12' of Frank Perdue, then the 214th richest USA citizen with a then $825mil net worth (without security rushing me). We had a table and UPC's "too neat to eat" chicken T-shirts on amidst the conglomerate of factory farm workers and hearing some of their daily gripes much to my surprise. It wasn't a happy scene. 
I just still fail to see why the activist men still don't get it. Some of them play "womanizer" after posturing a broke, snag persona. It doesn't work on me. In fact, I can see through it clearly. It's repulsive. I understand that men are a plague of machismo that takes many different forms. It's simply repulsive.

Those were the days.
In 1996 I read Karen Davis' article In the compilation book "Women and Animals".  
The articles really spoke to me much beyond any other feminist theory book. It gave me real life perspective, rather than ideology. In 2005 my life changed again, and again in 2009. So almost 2 decades later, I'm wondering what happened to those who care about women. I know I'm seeing the remaining remnants of Hawaii's past sex trade tied to the local judges and police since Hawaii finally passed an anti-human trafficking law. 
There is still poverty in the educational system that is compounded by immigrant greed for money. Thus cock fighting still holds a significant role in survival and luxury. The laws of "cultural relativism" apply in Hawaii to protect monetary interest. The Economy here on Oahu is still not geared to United States Individual rights.  And whereas animal slaughter is disallowed for religion, Hawaii keeps fighting and abuse current for human economy of 3rd world cultures. There is a lack of English improvement classes.  There is a lack of caring about others. Hawaii in my eyes is worse than a factory farm full of pigs being raised for slaughter.

The rent is too high for "decent" women's rights those who prefer decency to public prostitution (which has a broad definition in Hawaii). The locals socially attack visiting women to add to the local sex trade/ aka. "The industry". Financial decimation happens and there are no safe holds that seem functional. The number of fight schools & bars ratio per capita to educational institutions and organizations is low. The more legislators allow expensive business, the more "industry" is needed to support the tax base to cater to rich Sex Tourism from around the globe.

The richer sex tourists and vacation home owners set the tone on the island of how women are spoken to. The men are vile. Not even appropriate by Spanish from Spain standards.
I can't quite express in entirety how I feel about my social surroundings for the past 6 years. Trying to navigate through pods of Seals, surfers, Vietnamese sex traffickers, Black African-American pimps, and all the underlying gangs has not been remotely normal. 6 years and my nerves are exhausted. They said they thought id have a better time here because I look like them. They were wrong, as it has made it easier for them to isolate me. And, I no longer trust anyone much, if any. Relationship is definitely not here for me. I hope this sums up a little without the nitty gritty.