Thursday, June 02, 2016

Loss of life, American style for Japan

I was watching a documentary on the "Aizu" samurai. The narration was in English. I couldn't help to be disheartened when I heard the narrator say "they would loose their lives" in a kind of polite, yet happy and spiteful tone of voice. I thought about the "loose their lives" phrase that was spoken. It didn't hold any true value, any Way, any specifity, any thing that didn't seem negated to me in the English language along with the narrator's preference of tonal coloring.  "Loss of life" suddenly turned to a jest at "loosing" itself and as it is thought of in the English language. It detracted from Samurai presentation. The idea of "loosing one's life" wasn't given any honour as a sacrifice of one's life for their family and nation. It wasn't given even an appropriate and continued acknowledgement of Samurai honor, so basic as "death with dignity", since "loss of life" is negative. 
 It had that American flair of hatred of Japanese culture & the Japanese women that American men so enjoy to defile even in modern times. The modern being that we Japanese women pose no threat to the men or their culture, yet our burden is so enormous to bear post Hiroshima outside of the safety of any normal Japanese neighborhoods. 
The tv "special" was definitely probably put out to encourage American girls and women to fight harder against those of us who are Japanese. A historic, special tv documentary to compound the threat of Japanese women to the mainland USA. After all, regardless of the Aizu, they were on Honshu, the main island of Japan. I don't see any good in it. The Americans in Majority  find Japanese culture intriguing in that they can sexually abuse women as if they are Japanese themselves. This irritates and infuriates me.  Most of American male behaviour irritates me, despite most of my assailants before I reached puberty being female classmates and elementary school and Sunday school teachers. Maybe it is a novelty and a fight to the end. It is not an ultimate battle if it is not respected. USA has already shown the world that killing masses of people with atomic weapons is acceptable and there are no feelings hurt, no health issues they should be concerned with, no guilt to bear. Imagine a world of terrorists who plead sympathy with a monetary donation to rebuild with the survivors of a catastrophe. That is what the USA has done, despite the niceties of Japanese customs I wish I could respect more. However I am some estranged relative abroad. And the Americans have tampered with most of my communications with my relatives in my Japanese homeland for decades.