Thursday, June 02, 2016

Inner pride

Some words really reached me this morning My Bruno Groening reading this morning, "I don't ask about their religion. I don't ask about their nation. I ask about the human being. I have to go all over the world. I have to bring enlightenment everywhere. ...I  have been mocked and ridiculed, as well. But I keep going. I don't need to speak loudly."~ Bruno Groening

I also do have my inner pride, the tasks I have been assigned to complete for Japan & my Emporer as well as the USA. Mocked, ridiculed, attacked and nearly murdered by those who want to wage war and whose hearts are filled with sometimes, newly found American greed. They are not the business men and women who established society. These are the jealous hateful and resentful people, the power hungry and yearning for any attention to be acknowledged. This will make them soon powerless.