Sunday, June 05, 2016

Harsh Reality Of the Firestorm

So I got into different mode of thinking for a while it was a load of spiritual thinking about the spiritual fire storm and finding acceptance in such destruction. They say the fire storm, it's probably more of a nuclear storm. Most of the spiritual sects don't find acceptance in a forms of being animal, fish, plant life, human life that has been exposed to nuclear radiation is to frown on such mutations. I suppose the fact that there are beings who can exist in such intensely different environment than what we modern day, 21st century humans can accept is threatening. It constantly poses the question of "who will survive"? 

I noticed while I tried different sides in some "light giving" spiritual groups, that people are squeamish about surrendering their physical being to God's will during such nuclear incident(s). And that they feel the surviving and mutated beings are lesser than they are. That there is not Godly spirituality beyond nuclear incident and that rather it is an "evil" being that exists. I know this derogatory thinking affected me deeply as my own mother was a toddler when the nuclear fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki affected her. And additionally, the same nuclear thinking makes me spiritually exempt from the generations of humans who created and imposed nuclear implementation globally. They say, it gives me No credibility to be a humanoid being to be born intact just 1 generation after the biggest nuclear bombs were dropped on my Japan country. So this is the rationale of those in power with the most money, they have the most credibility in the Nuclear field because it is their "baby". They accept that they have a high probability of death, yet spiritually can't surrender consciously to "God's will" as it doesn't fit with the current criteria of life in their own life plan