Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Freedom of Speech Vs. MLM companies

Just looking at how this blog has accumulated posts over a decade versus, the other Blog I had started and had accumulated a huge number of pageviews. That one was attacked by a major EO's network marketing company, as was my freedom of speech/press attacked over a 3 year period.
I had joined an EO's based company due to the homeopathic/nutritionist who I had seen to help my situation.  I started a blog before that and decided to blog some articles. I had gone through a book that promoted the product in pictures and brand names for maladies. These weren't Wiccan spells, and I did use the appropriate referenced "quotation" in the minute, short article. Hint, it was about Ebola. And, the book I cited did in fact contain a possible essential oils  "cure" for the Ebola malady.
They contacted me over a period of 3 years claiming they owned all of my email addresses. That I had no personal privacy or right to freedom of speech. Additionally, they claimed that I was still a distributor when I decidedly never renewed. Mostly due to the initial reason being they had a "Vegan" eo's supplement that arrived on the market, and it made me sick. It contained Frankincense oil which I had previously thought was only for external use.

To be updated. ....