Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cultists and Information/ News

How I view the News
I was trained in the USA as a national grassroots organizer after my exposure to classified information as a child and have a different perspective on the News. That is in addition to the political nature of my relatives abroad and overseas and USA politics gravely impacting myself and my now deceased siblings.
What USA civilians try to force me to do, and ostricize me for Watching News.
Again, again, again; - I've heard it so many times!!! "Don't watch the News!!!, It's Toxic!"\
This is coming from the fast food generation that has a penchant for being ignorant and ill informed.
Last week, I heard it 2x.

  1.  from a White supremacist, 20year Christian-Krishna devotee who likes the Caste system. We actually got into an argument the day before Hawaii's solidarity protest against USMC base in Okinawa (Which I was happy to see and join). This was after she returned from a National healing Conference where group's leaders don't watch the News.
  2. from Coach Mark Divine's website article by Rolf Dobelli, "Avoid News. towards a Healthy News Diet",

-Globalized English News in USA- 

Media Worthy = Deserves Presidential Attention

Think about news in the USA. It barely takes 30 minutes on any channel to filter through anything Media worthy. It's not really presented for Ms. USA house-wife who stays at home with her kids and works from home. The typical USA citizen really isn't inclined to go Lobby Congress or do an in person Drop for a new law that is going through the Senate or Congress in Washington D.C.  Though, it might matter to non-profit/ issue oriented group leaders in their home states.