Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hawaii in need of Bird Baths

My Buddhist perspective;- I'd like to see shopping centres installed cooled bird baths in cool, shaded outdoor places for the migratory and displaced birds & small wildlife. Since most of the Developed world has shuffled in asphalt acreage for natural yardage,  birds are unable to find fresh water sources. The obvious downfall being that someone puts poison in the water to kill the birds. It's a no-win situation for the Birds.
I was just sitting at the coffee gallery table and a desperate gecko ran up to my iced coffee mug 3x with my hand on the cup. The gecko licked the water droplets off the side. I set an ice cube out on the table where the gecko's purple younger lapped up some cool water droplets to beat the Hawaiian heat.

Gecko Leaving the scene after lapping up melted ice droplets.

Meditation morning

Haleiwa, After sunrise meditations (still have to do new UM breathing exercises & yoga);- Short walk on the beach. I found a tiny Opiihi shell, size of a fingerprint.
I tossed my sunrise shell back into the ocean, this morning I noticed this tiny Opiihi. Pretty, to me.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Yakuza? Hawaii Syndicate? hacked my news feed -

So, I just watched a video about North Korean Missile  that said it was by Bloomberg;- the commentator/ newsanchor said., "Japan is a U.S. Territory." then it was followed by "the USA is entitled to rape women and beat up Japanese."  Was speaking with an official from Hong Kong.

It  may be the location I am at;- Coffee Gallery. As, last time I was here a white woman harassed me because i laughed.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cultists and Information/ News

How I view the News
I was trained in the USA as a national grassroots organizer after my exposure to classified information as a child and have a different perspective on the News. That is in addition to the political nature of my relatives abroad and overseas and USA politics gravely impacting myself and my now deceased siblings.
What USA civilians try to force me to do, and ostricize me for Watching News.
Again, again, again; - I've heard it so many times!!! "Don't watch the News!!!, It's Toxic!"\
This is coming from the fast food generation that has a penchant for being ignorant and ill informed.
Last week, I heard it 2x.

  1.  from a White supremacist, 20year Christian-Krishna devotee who likes the Caste system. We actually got into an argument the day before Hawaii's solidarity protest against USMC base in Okinawa (Which I was happy to see and join). This was after she returned from a National healing Conference where group's leaders don't watch the News.
  2. from Coach Mark Divine's website article by Rolf Dobelli, "Avoid News. towards a Healthy News Diet" www.RolfDobelli.com, http://www.dobelli.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Avoid_News_Part1_TEXT.pdf

-Globalized English News in USA- 

Media Worthy = Deserves Presidential Attention

Think about news in the USA. It barely takes 30 minutes on any channel to filter through anything Media worthy. It's not really presented for Ms. USA house-wife who stays at home with her kids and works from home. The typical USA citizen really isn't inclined to go Lobby Congress or do an in person Drop for a new law that is going through the Senate or Congress in Washington D.C.  Though, it might matter to non-profit/ issue oriented group leaders in their home states.

The Nuclear Spirit & LV Handbags

The United States of America is the only Military power that has openly AND covertly used nuclear bombs on Civilians and other nations. If you assign the value of nuclear weapon owned by a nation  as same as value of a personal luxury item, then the USA is making a big stink against the rest of the World's nations for looking more 1st World. The only thing the USA is lacking now is selling personal use mini nukes.

Nuclear Bomb = LV Handbag  

North Korea has been firing Missiles that are openly publicized in the USA for over a decade.
I'm not sympathetic to senseless killing;- However, I can sympathize with the sentiment that the USA has in the past decade;- used and elevated its own illegal international and domestic drug distributors to Federal Agent status. Those Federal Agents have had security clearances to access information and independently aggravate Asian politics from within the USA homeland.

Difference between North Korea, JAPAN, China
Where North Korea stands openly making threats and launching missiles has lasted over a decade;- they have taken on an air that equivocates the American domestic attitude of governing laws. More recent developments are anti-USA propoganda and disobedience of laws that were set in place to protect the masses of civilians.

Japan, has again waited with great aggravation like a parent while witnessing the USA's democratic citizens rape & murder many Japanese abroad and within Japan. The most recent rape and murder being in the past months and commanding a 65,000 person Japanese protest of USA military systems.
Though China has been more of the long range ICBM fear of Tokyo Officials;- North Korean hatred of the USA since the G6 in 2007 is now an immediate and critical concern for Japan.

The Japanese Government is not commanding the evacuation and relocation of Okinawan Japanese residents while these North Korean missile threats continue.

to be revised. 
JAPAN Nuclear/ Fire Storm Spirituality:- 

Some spiritualists over many religions concede to God's Plan. I only know one thing for certain, that God's Plan for we humanoids ends in a physical death. There is research that shows the effects of Nuclear disaster;- that many sentient beings who have physical form on this planet die in close proximity of the nuclear disaster. Some spiritualists do not blame God for the sentient beings perishing;- rather they blame the faulty nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs, and other nuclear weapons. They have even gone so far as to make

new findings in atomic research that simply state that Nuclear weapons are the only weapon that can actually destroy the Spirit itself (akin to the God particle). 

It also seems that spiritualists who think about the Fire Storm that is coming;- Don't personally accept that their viewpoint of God's Plan includes their death. They also project that they are special in God's view, and that death by Nuclear warfare or Nuclear Disaster is a horrible atrocity. They ultimately contradict and are intensely in Denial of their own spiritual teachings. When I presented a slight argument that there are amazing spiritual beings and other humanoid or non human sentient and physical life who can survive in the Aftermath and close proximity of the Nuclear disaster;- the spiritualists were appalled. They contested that it was not a matter of earthly, spiritual evolution;- that is, for creatures and humans who were mutated or survived Nuclear radiation to live. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

USA Racism - my brother's memorial

After the not accidental death of my brother in 2005, we held a memorial service for him. The memorial service room was packed with his white so-called friends. His closest friend(s) not white showed up after most of the room cleared. We then had several people who knew him at our home. My father forced me to refrain from starting a physical altercation as the people he knew unleashed their laughter about how they had him beat up, stalked, dosed with drugs & left laying on the ground only to be kicked and hurt by their brothers and friends. Some of the instigators were the girls/young women he knew because they were making closer ties to the guys he knew. It was community racism. 
After the memorial service, I was stalked and threatened by white people with weapons and those who claimed they were at our home to mourn my brother's death. 
They were rotten people underneath the friendly" exterior for years since many were his friends in High school. 
It still angers me to the core of my being to this day. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stretching felt Great!!!

This morning, I did a shoulder stretch on my chartreuse, roll-out, squishie mat @ the Gym floor. It felt great today! 
Difference was I did the normal  shoulder stretch as follows;- laying face down with chin on the mat, either right arm or left arm crossed over sternum and pressed between body and the mat/floor. This time, I added an opposite leg lift off the floor until I felt my hips press securely against the mat. I actually felt my hips adjust into a relaxed position and it felt Great! Not sure if an instructor would agree as I've never been taught to stretch like this. It just felt right. My lower back and hips relaxed. Will add pic if someone can tell me what I did/doing. 

Me, @ a gym on my orange,roll-out, squishie mat more than a few months ago...Go! Nitrimax in the cup.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tsunami - Warm Climate

Surviving in a tsunami disaster zone after a tsunami;- doesn't necesarily mean you will want to follow general rules of camping. I went to Thailand 2004 to do civilian re-con of business partnerships after .

I did not bring a tent, I was able to rent one when we got to an encampment. This is what I used to survive and not contract Malaria #1 threat due to pooled water and moderate summer climate.

1. tiny bottle of Deet - used 1x on the trip and did not reapply;- due to info that the mosquito count was out of control with dead bodies, flooding, and people running for the mountains. Most areas were quarantined by the time we arrived at BKK. My travel partner for 4 days went all natural and slept in a tent. He had contracted Malaria by the 3rd day;- 1st night out of the city he had over 150 bites on him as the tent body heat attracted the mosquitoes that snuck in through the tent fabrics.
2. 7 yards heavy duty mosquito netting  - wrapped myself in it to go to sleep in the open on the ground. I probably looked like a dead body.
3. Camp mat for sleeping
4. 1 med sized internal frame Backpack 
5. Katydyn Kayak water bottle - I retrieved water from a natural stream. My hiking partner scolded me and then had an eye opener as the Government was siphoning water to water trucks just a terrace above us at the waterfall. They don't even treat the water there, so my personal filtration was better.
6. Chlorine- tiny bottle of POTABLE Water drops (chlorinated)- i put about 5-9 drops in each 50+gal barrel and it had people quietly running to the water barrels.
7. EO Frankinsence - my natural bug deterrent/ first aid kit 
8. Patagonia Atom sack - keep critical items on me with a day or 2 of Cliff Bars & passport
9. Light stick- battery powered - less noticible than a flashligh & provided safety while walking along roads at night. Enabled me to hitch rides for me and my travel companions in the dark.
10. Clothes lightweight & easy to wash and hang dry by hand. Cotton clothes had to be left behind so I brought my volunteer t-shirts ( I had a huge XXL duffel of them and packed as many as I could) Cotton is more pourous and carry more organisms, and needs detergent to be cleaned. Synthetics are better to wash in natural non-detergent soaps as they don't break down the oils;- also Synthetic clothes dry faster.

2004 Survival FOOD:
I ate grain back then & my pack was identical to someone else randomly going another direction at the airport. Our Cliff bars were stored in the same place, so I thought TSA got aggravating enough to swap out the flavors I liked for flavors I did not care for.
1. a case of Cliff Bars
2. packets of steel cut oatmeal (in flavors)
The encampment I stayed at for most of a month allowed campers to fish on their own and bring it back to the kitchen. I am vegan & allergic to shellfish;- so I ate my oatmeal each morning with a fresh banana smoothie. I had 1 meal of mostly rice, and 1 large bowl of coconut/vegetable soup each day. I actually felt great. There was somone on a bicycle who started to stop by with ziploc bags full of veggies, fish, cooked meats for sale. I was partial to the fresh peanuts for protein. We also got some fresh coconut milk and coconut, as well as using a moped for a day;- trying to get ketchup (which had become scarce). Liquor & Coffee was the easiest to obtain aka - least desirable.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

USA mindset & copyright - Call for UNESCO Governance

  1. Translate world heritage & Copyright it ( and may OWN the proprietary rights and profitable value to it.) 
  2. Deny minority (non-Caucasian) mindset of their value. (value only non-Caucasian)
  3. Build Social discrimination within their own Country through their teachings
      1. Usually begin with an aggressive mindset and separation towards outside world community.
        1. begins a teaching by excluding those who don't share their Caucasian mindset
      2. devalues minority who has more cosmopolitan background, mindset, experience & impress emotional if not physical suicide on the individual to show domination.
      3. Uses this as a Domestic Fear-Based Mindset
  4. Adopt understanding of another Culture or religion (particularly Asian) to appear less abrasive to the domestic minority population. HOWEVER, maintain same oppressive language and behavior on the newly established minority playing field. 
1. Uses Globalized English
2. Is manipulated by a caucasian majority
3. Mentally & Emotionally Abusive and disresprctful of Non-Majority mindset from Other World Culture/ Countries. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

We are al about to blow the doors wide open on the USA

Bugging OUt

Bugging Out:- Belongings are critical and leaving them is not a good option. This can include the Car/ Vehicle as a solid and/or mobile Home base.

Winter to Sub-Zero - Key is to Stay DRY everywhere.
Summer to Tropical Climate - Key is to Stay HYDRATED & Maintain Body temperature
  4. UNPLUG ALL USB/CHARGER DEVICES WHEN NOT IN THE VEHICLE  Can drain Car battery or start electrical fire.
  6.  KEEP A SUPPLY OF EXTRA FUSES in glovebox
Small Car Vs. Large Car/Truck
  • Using Bugout Vehicle - Limited Gas/Fuel Supply - Hybrid offers alternative power option.
  • A/C & Heating Valuable
    • Running AC/Heater - Need more fuel for Large Compartment
    • Tints are key in keeping temperature down & for sun protection
  • Small Vehicle- Offers an efficient way to save energy and stay mobile. 
    • Issue- Body Cramps from being in same position
      • Supplement supply that has Arginine 

  • Winter to Sub-Zero - Key is to Stay DRY everywhere.
  • Sub-Zero Bug Out Car Camping
    • 2" Thick Acrylic Faux Fur Blanket (Queen Sized) - top single layer for sleep. Can be 2 Thinner 1/2"-1" Faux Fur Blankets Sewn Together. 
    •  Warm Clothes with 1 absorbent wicking layer closest to skin - from head to toes.
  • Sub-Zero Freeze temperature can be deadly. Even with a specialized  snowmobile, handwarmers, and layers of Extreme temperature gear, the ability to quickly make fires, and frequently is crucial when attempting to be on the move.

     Thick Walled Plastic Containers for Storage
      Metal Buckets can be set by a fireplace/ fire if the water freezes

Hot Tropical:
Plastic Deteriorates Fast in 3-6Mos of Constant Heat (despite Shade)
Use Bottled H20 sources 1st if no cool storage
if storage temp < Outdoor temp
Water Evaporates in Heat & Is difficult to cool without refridgeration or electricity

FACIAL WIPES:  help to reduce water use. They can be Dethawed with Body Heat. Have multiple uses and can be cut in half/ smaller pieces to prolong use.
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: Sprayed on Seats/ Carpet to keep mold down (hot-tropical climate).
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (ACV)- Sprayed on Carpets & Seats also kills microrganisms (possible ringworm, mites, mold, keeps away cockroaches) in Heat. It will stink for 1-2 days until it dries out;- However the end result is amazingly Positive and Fresh smelling (hot-tropical climate). Also good for cleaning windows with a cloth.

Activated Charcoal pills - Can also use charcoal from burned out fire
Silver Gel
(Hydrogen Peroxide - see above/ Hygeine)
(Apple Cider Vinegar ACV - see above/Hygeine)
Bandaids small to larger sized.
EO Myrhh
Gauze & Tape
KT Tape

Bugging OUt

Bugging Out:- Belongings are critical and leaving them is not a good option. This can include the Car/ Vehicle as a solid and/or mobile Home base.

Winter to Sub-Zero - Key is to Stay DRY everywhere.
Summer to Tropical Climate - Key is to Stay HYDRATED & Maintain Body temperature
  4. UNPLUG ALL USB/CHARGER DEVICES WHEN NOT IN THE VEHICLE  Can drain Car battery or start electrical fire.
  6.  KEEP A SUPPLY OF EXTRA FUSES in glovebox
Small Car Vs. Large Car/Truck
  • Using Bugout Vehicle - Limited Gas/Fuel Supply - Hybrid offers alternative power option.
  • A/C & Heating Valuable
    • Running AC/Heater - Need more fuel for Large Compartment
    • Tints are key in keeping temperature down & for sun protection
  • Small Vehicle- Offers an efficient way to save energy and stay mobile. 
    • Issue- Body Cramps from being in same position
      • Supplement supply that has Arginine 

  • Winter to Sub-Zero - Key is to Stay DRY everywhere.
  • Sub-Zero Bug Out Car Camping
    • 2" Thick Acrylic Faux Fur Blanket (Queen Sized) - top single layer
  • Sub-Zero Freeze temperature can be deadly. Even with a specialized  snowmobile, handwarmers, and layers of Extreme temperature gear, the ability to quickly make fires, and frequently is crucial when attempting to be on the move.

     Thick Walled Plastic Containers for Storage
      Metal Buckets can be set by a fireplace/ fire if the water freezes

Hot Tropical:
Plastic Deteriorates Fast in 3-6Mos of Constant Heat (despite Shade)
Use Bottled H20 sources 1st if no cool storage
if storage temp < Outdoor temp
Water Evaporates in Heat & Is difficult to cool without refridgeration or electricity

Bugging out & H20

Happy to see that a company (Swedish?) is pro Child In Africa, or anywhere on the globe. I received some LifeStraw filters and am going to try them. I do want to order a seed bucket and plant them in Hawaii to see how hearty the seeds are. Appx $62. 
The last garden I planted in 12a microclimate was exposed to toxic mold and the non-heirloom seeds didn't yield anything edible. The non-heirloom was a deformed and sickly generation miles away from the original plant generation.

Today, Okinawa No! USA military

I was driving by Pearl Harbor,
noticed a group of protestors in solidarity with Okinawa today. I jumped in for a moment as I have been following this and really think USA military bases don't belong in Japan at all. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Tropical apartment nightmare #3

So again, several Rental options came my way. Some too far away for commute, some close. 
So, out of concern for me a member of a spiritual group I attend offered me a space rental for $200 for rest of the month. 
The building the studio is in is not up to modern day code, lacking working fixtures, lots of wood rot on sides and stairs and railing. Tons of visible mold growing on stairs and building (uncertain of attic space) and  No A/C.  Lacking a cable connection? And seemingly infested with cockroaches & rats that come and go in seasons as it was explained to me. $700/mo is a good deal to live close to downtown Honolulu. 
They painted the interior place and put in filtered water except for the kitchen. 
The place feels haunted, creepy to me. 
I'm a different person who likes clean bright modernity and knowing that my space isn't like a 1700's Black Plague and fire scene waiting to happen. 
If you see me crashed out bugging out in a beach park sometime soon;- don't be suprised. Not that I'm not appreciative to have a roof over my head in Hawaii after I kick down some rent. 
I'd just rather buy bottled water, catch a good night rest at a modern hotel, and know my housemate doesn't have boyfriend issues that can be further drama. Aside from our differences in liking rustic space with tropical trees that rats can use easily for roof access.

Monday, June 13, 2016

North Korean Surfing Trip

Some things that could wrong with the Trip Itenerary to visit North Korea;- Ok not that I should be thinking about going to North Korea at all being that they abducted one of my cousins from an Akita, JP beach.
However, If someone wants to sport appx. $4000 to see how far I make it on the trip;- i'll sign up. And I'm Tan from the Hawaiian sun.

Orientation in China
#1 - Japanese restrictions on travel to China. And, since USA doesn't acknowledge my Japanese family and called us Japanese garbage;- Someone will probably cancel my flight who knows better overseas. I have gotten a Chinese Visa before, however with misspelling of my name. The name being misspelt can create issues if trying to LEAVE China, even if they allow the entry. 
 America is politically insensitive lets anyone go anywhere and ignores important things like its own security agreements and international families that are larger than the Kennedy's. 
Oh yes, and the rumor that being Christian is illegal in China and currently being enforced and punishable by Death. 
In 2005 after my brother was murdered, i helped some 25 Chinese Exchange students as I saw an organization called People Link bringing 400+ Chinese exchange students to our very Racist Philadelphia suburb. Some of the Children were sons and daughters of the more educated and elite in Chinese Universities and Government. The Children were aged 8-16 and accompanied by 1 young adult translator. I stepped up to the challenge since the Philadelphia area's racism typically would result in a slew of Foreign Exchange students being dropped off at our doorstep like a litter of unwanted kittens. Some of the stories I heard throughout my life that came back to me to try and assist in the area included 10 year olds being thrown out on country roads with a sign that said they need a home (because they weren't Christian) The American host families voluntarily signed a contract for the responsibility of caring for an international child visitor knowing full well that the children were coming from China and were not Christian. Several dozens of children went through similar ordeals that one year (though It was a problem in the Philadelphia region for DECADES and included Japanese students).

#2. - Tourist of Pyongyang;- Despite peaceful intentions of those who organize peaceful efforts. Actions against Citizens of countries that are highly disliked can occur. 
  In 2004, on a private business recon of Thailand after the Tsunami;- I was invited to China by a wealthy French Export-importer. I stayed up on the politics with Japan and China then, and decided I would wait a month instead of easily going on the day visas. Because of my Japanese family relations, I had great business concerns. And, within a week of turning down the offer, a number of Japanese tourists (including women) in China were mobbed and beaten/assaulted at another Anti-Japan protest though with escalated violence. The first publicised Toyota burning in English occurred in the months before my brother's death in the USA. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pile of Sprouts

Today I found a pile of sprouts growing. They are So cute!!! Growing in the middle of an unpaved lot. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ala Moana Mall- WTF

At mall, a man hit me hard above my bicep as I was getting on the escalator after parooIng the North Face store. Not sure if he was trying to punch my face. I reacted and told him not to hit me...he said sorry. Asian guy with Aloha shirt, cap, big sunglasses and light skin with some moles. 
I don't recognise him...went to mall after email from my father. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hyperacusis vs Super Hearing

USA question Summary:- Are they going to bring back the super hearing classification to market products because manufacturing claims need evidence that humans can perceive sound at a magnified" level? Is decibel perception and super-hearing equivalent?     
Will they re-classify those of us who were "mis-diagnosed" with hyperacusis due to elimination of "super hearing" classifications, so that we are no longer considered disabled in the current world?

In 1999, I was working in an electro-acoustic sound lab creating HF sound waves. With visions of John Zorn's HF warnings on my future music creations,  I was working on an independent animation that I never actually finished. I had already had a lifetime of refined classical piano performance training and was already sensitive to the oscillating of sound waves.
While working on a project sound wave that split 3 ways, I lost track of the upper HF wave. In need of inexplicable help, I was sent to The Sir Alexander Ewing Speech and Hearing Clinic, then one of the best  hearing clinics in the USA. 
The thing was, I became hypersensitive to the high frequency range and was hearing it clearly. However, my perception of the HF range was somewhere between 20% to 50% louder than normal.
The hearing specialist told me that they used to have something called "super hearing" prior to it being "reclassified" into a psychological disorder called Hyperacusis.
The difference being, that Hyperacusis was triggered by psychological sound events such as ambulences, Gunshots, etc. So, in anycase, I was considered Hearing disabled by the last semester of my Music Degree program. They said, it would go away in time, and if anything that aging would correct the issue. I was no longer allowed to wear headphones and the Music School invested in a couple of speakers in the $30k range accomodated my handicap so that I could complete the course. They also fitted me with a pair of rock-star custom earplugs to reduce the incoming HF waves. Total bill in the earplugs with fitting ran about $650 with insurance.

To describe what I went through for 3 years after the HF accident incident is somewhat painful and isolating. #1, I couldn't play most pianos because I could hear each wave distinctly and it began to sound like glasses being shattered on the ill kept instruments. At home, I couldn't stand the refridgerator frequency, it sounded like I was in a roomful of crickets even 10' away in the carpeted livingroom of my condo. When I went to shower, I cringed under the individual water drops hitting the bathtub basin. I decided it was interesting after the initial shock so, I'd hold my fingers over my ears and then take a breath and then listen. It was like seeing with my ears and completely mind-blowing.

Once in 2002 (I was  I sat in an audience of pianists and was the only one cringing and plugging my ears with my fingers during a beginning student duo. The children played on pianos positioned with matching hearts. The masterclass pianist from NZ, actually took note of my behavior over 20' away and made a mention that the pianos should not be placed that way because they give off a high frequency. Apparently, I was the only one in the room who noticed. The typical Orchestra concert pianist (which I am not, i only perform solo) has hearing loss from the decible level of  the Orchestra which also includes tinnitus.

Now it's been 15 years, and my ears are much more sensitive than most people around me. Changes in the airpressure around my ears bothers me to no end. It's not just the sound of the fan or AC that is grating to try and sleep to. Loud non-acoustic environments mentally exhaust me within 3hrs. I learned in 2001-2005 that I can't play on a keyboard (Clavinova) for much longer than 3hrs with speakers. My ears also strain in anticipation of a natural acoustic decay on "fake" acoustic sounds.

Listening to musical mistakes made by students are literally painful, as if someone jumped out and stabbed me with a knife. I'm listening along and know what I should approximately expect on the path and then the frequency is WAY OFF, not even in microtones. Because it is not a simple matter of being startled, my ears go into decible and frequency shock that takes me time to recover from. It is very different from the emotional disappointment of an enjoyable pianist making a mistake.
Going for a swim and putting my ears underwater is like having a magnifying lens. I can hear the seashells softened by the water yet trickling down the beach back to the ocean as the tide receeds. It's absolutely beautiful. And, on occasion above water, I can hear dolphins clicking in the distance.

It is very isolating. Random screams of children are so painful sometimes, I steer away from family shopping times. You'd be more likely to find me in a store on Senior Citizens discount day, simply for the quiet differences. Night Clubs generally have mediocre sound systems that have been overused and blown speakers. It turns into an awful environment for me quickly. I also had to forgo going to weekly or 1/2 a week of concerts and live music I was accustomed to for most of my life.

It's been 15 years since I was diagnosed with Hyper-acusis. And, It seems like they are bringing back the "super-hearing" idea in Hearing diagnosis. I read an article the other day on Super Hearing. Some of the reasoning is because they want to market devices so that they can prove humans can perceive sound in this way.

Sometimes, I think they should make the majority who have damaged hearing from years of headphones and bad music be the "disabled" and take away their Driver's licenses for not hearing enough. Just on the dual piano frequency being such a Classical Victorian era issue, I think my hearing may have been the old NORMAL a century before electronic music and speakers were invented. So, after months of listening to HF sound waves, it seems to me that I became sensitive to the frequency range. I think that by listening to HF waves, maybe my hearing mechanism triggered a way for the rest of my brain to adjust the auditory perception of decibles so that it became clear. I did not experience any hearing loss or tinnitus. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Fantasy Japan & Asia become American style

The USA doesn't really embrace Japaanese culture, as well as several other countries and cultures of Asia. USA Tourists and military might purchase pieces of the cultures and import them, however;- most of what the USA embraces about Japan and Asian countries is being lavished with subservient and illiterate women who serve them and their personal fantasies of Japan and Asia. 
We have seen this through American Hollywood style films of segments of Japan and other Asian cultures. Without nuclear bombardment modern day Vietnam and Phillipines has secured this coveted role in American culture that opened the door to dominating the rest of Asia.

Freedom of Speech Vs. MLM companies

Just looking at how this blog has accumulated posts over a decade versus, the other Blog I had started and had accumulated a huge number of pageviews. That one was attacked by a major EO's network marketing company, as was my freedom of speech/press attacked over a 3 year period.
I had joined an EO's based company due to the homeopathic/nutritionist who I had seen to help my situation.  I started a blog before that and decided to blog some articles. I had gone through a book that promoted the product in pictures and brand names for maladies. These weren't Wiccan spells, and I did use the appropriate referenced "quotation" in the minute, short article. Hint, it was about Ebola. And, the book I cited did in fact contain a possible essential oils  "cure" for the Ebola malady.
They contacted me over a period of 3 years claiming they owned all of my email addresses. That I had no personal privacy or right to freedom of speech. Additionally, they claimed that I was still a distributor when I decidedly never renewed. Mostly due to the initial reason being they had a "Vegan" eo's supplement that arrived on the market, and it made me sick. It contained Frankincense oil which I had previously thought was only for external use.

To be updated. ....


Russia vs. USA parenting

Just a thought:
One thing that Russia does make sense of with their government, is parenting.
That is to say, children who have special skills, genius,  or inclinations are noted from a young age and the Russian state intervenes. In the United States, many parents have a sort of mental illness that stems from trying to live life through their children and making inappropriate choices.  

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Spiritual technology

Spiritual object: The USA has taken and stored something from Afghanastan region and stored it in Texas.
It is said to be an explanation for the disasters that have been happening in Texas especially for the past few years.
Sometimes spiritual objects are compared to using the term "alien technology".
So, I'll start using Spiritual technology for these unknown and godly objects of origin.

Fix satellite dish @ AU

2days ago, an engineer from NASA expressed that he's on his way to repair a Large dish in Austrailia. He travels globally for this work. 
Just a thought.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Male activists & Hawaii Feminism

Something that still irks me to this day, is the number of men who are activists and womanizers consistently. In 1997 I briefly held a part time job (Hawaii will kill me) with United Poultry Concerns, working for feminist Karen Davis. While working for her, it was the first time I protested within 12' of Frank Perdue, then the 214th richest USA citizen with a then $825mil net worth (without security rushing me). We had a table and UPC's "too neat to eat" chicken T-shirts on amidst the conglomerate of factory farm workers and hearing some of their daily gripes much to my surprise. It wasn't a happy scene. 
I just still fail to see why the activist men still don't get it. Some of them play "womanizer" after posturing a broke, snag persona. It doesn't work on me. In fact, I can see through it clearly. It's repulsive. I understand that men are a plague of machismo that takes many different forms. It's simply repulsive.

Those were the days.
In 1996 I read Karen Davis' article In the compilation book "Women and Animals".  
The articles really spoke to me much beyond any other feminist theory book. It gave me real life perspective, rather than ideology. In 2005 my life changed again, and again in 2009. So almost 2 decades later, I'm wondering what happened to those who care about women. I know I'm seeing the remaining remnants of Hawaii's past sex trade tied to the local judges and police since Hawaii finally passed an anti-human trafficking law. 
There is still poverty in the educational system that is compounded by immigrant greed for money. Thus cock fighting still holds a significant role in survival and luxury. The laws of "cultural relativism" apply in Hawaii to protect monetary interest. The Economy here on Oahu is still not geared to United States Individual rights.  And whereas animal slaughter is disallowed for religion, Hawaii keeps fighting and abuse current for human economy of 3rd world cultures. There is a lack of English improvement classes.  There is a lack of caring about others. Hawaii in my eyes is worse than a factory farm full of pigs being raised for slaughter.

The rent is too high for "decent" women's rights those who prefer decency to public prostitution (which has a broad definition in Hawaii). The locals socially attack visiting women to add to the local sex trade/ aka. "The industry". Financial decimation happens and there are no safe holds that seem functional. The number of fight schools & bars ratio per capita to educational institutions and organizations is low. The more legislators allow expensive business, the more "industry" is needed to support the tax base to cater to rich Sex Tourism from around the globe.

The richer sex tourists and vacation home owners set the tone on the island of how women are spoken to. The men are vile. Not even appropriate by Spanish from Spain standards.
I can't quite express in entirety how I feel about my social surroundings for the past 6 years. Trying to navigate through pods of Seals, surfers, Vietnamese sex traffickers, Black African-American pimps, and all the underlying gangs has not been remotely normal. 6 years and my nerves are exhausted. They said they thought id have a better time here because I look like them. They were wrong, as it has made it easier for them to isolate me. And, I no longer trust anyone much, if any. Relationship is definitely not here for me. I hope this sums up a little without the nitty gritty.

Harsh Reality Of the Firestorm

So I got into different mode of thinking for a while it was a load of spiritual thinking about the spiritual fire storm and finding acceptance in such destruction. They say the fire storm, it's probably more of a nuclear storm. Most of the spiritual sects don't find acceptance in a forms of being animal, fish, plant life, human life that has been exposed to nuclear radiation is to frown on such mutations. I suppose the fact that there are beings who can exist in such intensely different environment than what we modern day, 21st century humans can accept is threatening. It constantly poses the question of "who will survive"? 

I noticed while I tried different sides in some "light giving" spiritual groups, that people are squeamish about surrendering their physical being to God's will during such nuclear incident(s). And that they feel the surviving and mutated beings are lesser than they are. That there is not Godly spirituality beyond nuclear incident and that rather it is an "evil" being that exists. I know this derogatory thinking affected me deeply as my own mother was a toddler when the nuclear fallout from Hiroshima and Nagasaki affected her. And additionally, the same nuclear thinking makes me spiritually exempt from the generations of humans who created and imposed nuclear implementation globally. They say, it gives me No credibility to be a humanoid being to be born intact just 1 generation after the biggest nuclear bombs were dropped on my Japan country. So this is the rationale of those in power with the most money, they have the most credibility in the Nuclear field because it is their "baby". They accept that they have a high probability of death, yet spiritually can't surrender consciously to "God's will" as it doesn't fit with the current criteria of life in their own life plan 

Hawaiian animals yesterday...

Thursday, the animal presence began with the Tiger shark while I was at Haleiwa beach park. Then I returned to see a handful of small sea turtle. One seemed injured. On my way to go surf for the next morning, still dark, a white owl flew across my path by Waimea bay. It was like the animals of Hawaii were saying Hi!  Later that Friday morning, I could hear the Dolphins chattering away while I was sitting on my surf board @ Val's reef.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Loss of life, American style for Japan

I was watching a documentary on the "Aizu" samurai. The narration was in English. I couldn't help to be disheartened when I heard the narrator say "they would loose their lives" in a kind of polite, yet happy and spiteful tone of voice. I thought about the "loose their lives" phrase that was spoken. It didn't hold any true value, any Way, any specifity, any thing that didn't seem negated to me in the English language along with the narrator's preference of tonal coloring.  "Loss of life" suddenly turned to a jest at "loosing" itself and as it is thought of in the English language. It detracted from Samurai presentation. The idea of "loosing one's life" wasn't given any honour as a sacrifice of one's life for their family and nation. It wasn't given even an appropriate and continued acknowledgement of Samurai honor, so basic as "death with dignity", since "loss of life" is negative. 
 It had that American flair of hatred of Japanese culture & the Japanese women that American men so enjoy to defile even in modern times. The modern being that we Japanese women pose no threat to the men or their culture, yet our burden is so enormous to bear post Hiroshima outside of the safety of any normal Japanese neighborhoods. 
The tv "special" was definitely probably put out to encourage American girls and women to fight harder against those of us who are Japanese. A historic, special tv documentary to compound the threat of Japanese women to the mainland USA. After all, regardless of the Aizu, they were on Honshu, the main island of Japan. I don't see any good in it. The Americans in Majority  find Japanese culture intriguing in that they can sexually abuse women as if they are Japanese themselves. This irritates and infuriates me.  Most of American male behaviour irritates me, despite most of my assailants before I reached puberty being female classmates and elementary school and Sunday school teachers. Maybe it is a novelty and a fight to the end. It is not an ultimate battle if it is not respected. USA has already shown the world that killing masses of people with atomic weapons is acceptable and there are no feelings hurt, no health issues they should be concerned with, no guilt to bear. Imagine a world of terrorists who plead sympathy with a monetary donation to rebuild with the survivors of a catastrophe. That is what the USA has done, despite the niceties of Japanese customs I wish I could respect more. However I am some estranged relative abroad. And the Americans have tampered with most of my communications with my relatives in my Japanese homeland for decades.

Inner pride

Some words really reached me this morning My Bruno Groening reading this morning, "I don't ask about their religion. I don't ask about their nation. I ask about the human being. I have to go all over the world. I have to bring enlightenment everywhere. ...I  have been mocked and ridiculed, as well. But I keep going. I don't need to speak loudly."~ Bruno Groening

I also do have my inner pride, the tasks I have been assigned to complete for Japan & my Emporer as well as the USA. Mocked, ridiculed, attacked and nearly murdered by those who want to wage war and whose hearts are filled with sometimes, newly found American greed. They are not the business men and women who established society. These are the jealous hateful and resentful people, the power hungry and yearning for any attention to be acknowledged. This will make them soon powerless.  

May 2016 - my EX-IM notes

Elimination and *Action Plan + minimum constraints
  • Everyone has their own agenda
  • Some do marketing to "unite" it under a common cause
  • Race/national issues unwelcome
  • Refrain from using the word "Culture"
  • Business requirements to be met
    • not personal agendas of Others who create issues
  • There are no lawsuits at this level, only War(s).

Too Violent                vs.               Intelligent (Makes appropriate decision, maximizes cooperation)
Untrustworthy            vs.              Subversive ( Proven Works in favor of organization)
Steal from System      vs.              Personal Wealth (including education & experience)
(Steal from Business)

wrong mindset:   Military members work in teams against civilian initiative & corporate global agenda - Compromise integrity of mission especially using JAG's and free resources. 

*Eliminate those who compromise integrity

Looking for those who are 
  1. non-violent
  2. Non-Government  (not working for charitable causes either)
  3. Don't sway because of money
  4. Dedicated to cause or belief
*Set up business to see who steals

wrong mindset:  Qualifier mindset that must be eliminated:- Military Tourism = not international credibility.