Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Vegan Superfoods Alkaline

Top 3 List - no fruit or grain base
💚Cacao - powder easiest to use on the go
Pros: easy to add on the go to drink, protein & energy, alkaline side, loved 
Cons: can't think of one. 

💚Chlorophyllins - broken down chlorophyll 
      •Chlorophyll- grows in a tank (homegrown)
Pros: great protein source, super energy
Cons: hard to process from scratch, better mixed with other elements, finding product that works well (blend) is hard, not available at most stores.

💚Poi - pounded taro root (made fresh is best) 
Pros: low glycemic, good calories, not grain or fruit
Cons: Hard to get fresh even in Hawaii, possible contamination due to root crop

Others for alkaline