Monday, May 23, 2016

The USA is terribly mentally painful in Representing Asian Culture

Today my personal issues with the USA:-
1. That Asia has catered to the USA's consumer wants, without population projections and pollution/contaminants consideration.
1. USA is a ghost land. Spirits without responsibility to the planet or the larger human society being run responsible to maintain a healthy balance on the planet. There has been too much taken from the earth for this one country alone just based on 2 inventions:- lighting & cars.

3. They live as unattached ghost spirits who travel the world and criticize and kill people based on Americanized bibles. Not everyone in the USA has over a 90% reading comprehension. 

4.  The advent of the television and Internet has not informed the USA public of much that is unbiased. False history of the world and other nations is taught to USA citizens to influence wars in other countries.