Sunday, May 08, 2016

Spring cleaning:- Makeup bag

Hawaii Cruelty free elements
Vegan makeup bag: Tahiti
Products to replace:-
Danielle naturals - synthetic brushes
Cover FX compact
Ellen Tracy - shadow, bronzer, lip gloss
Urban Decay - pencil eyeliners 
NYX - glitter pigment roll ins
Aveda - concealers 
Lush - pigment 
Japanese blotting papers
Revlon waterproof mascara
Tahiti spray vanilla oil (light fragrance)
Kauai Kiss lip balm
Mineral Fusion -pink nail polish
Green 2o - fulvic mineral alkaline drink
Emergen-C MSM drink
-Paul Mitchell shampoo & conditioner
- Paya shampoo, bath gel, lotion from Aqua Aloha Surf Hotel
Gorilla glue - just because Hawaiian heat trashes regular adhesives & plastics

Walk on the Dark side- cruelty free forgotten due to China opening yet culturally accepting colours for my skin.-- MAC ugh.
Not sure how I feel about it, vegan looks pasty, chalky, grey or muddy. isn't all it for my Hapa skin tone.