Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shingyo Money ideas as Japan turns out of Deflation

20 years of deflation and the less expensive yen, caused shoppers to seek out local goods at discounted rates. It's the Same same, but different impact of USA is too expensive to do business with.
And Japan, should seek more personal wealth in positive investments and straying from the global banking credit lines.
Something to consider similar to Shingyo money, to remain insulated from foreign business interest is trying to develop a local/prefecture currency that does not ripple due to the international trade market, Also, to keep the local/prefectural money on a short schedule to be "recycled" every 3-4 years. Thus the national standard Ginko can still remain with the larger Japanese banks.
A local "shingyo" type money should be based on actual life goods that are made, used, and traded within the prefecture. It should encourage sufficient sustainable & local agriculture, Health services, Tutoring & Arts lessons, regional clothing & household goods. Today, for some;- will include technology, vehicles in the vicinity of the company production buildings. And, in those more globally linked regions, should enforce corporate participation in supporting the local workers on a domestic standard. In some places such alternative money is structured like USA military pay/money. Others call it group wholesale. And again there are other areas that use the money as a representation of a more socialist concept that everyone is equal and so the money is equal in time.  Another Idea to protect local Japan from warring economies;- Shingyo banks by prefecture for those who do not have a need to move Japanese money abroad.

Bio regionalism is an old idea that the Europeans purport as a stodgy equivalent to Asian countries coping with European & American presence. It seems evident that other ASEAN countries that are frequented by USA tourists work on a local money & goods scale as well as an international standard. It seems to make life less stressful for the domestic population.

thoughts about Hawaiian Islands as the underflow is raging from Mexico, Israel, China & the Asian blackmarket economy.
Hawaii state, an old Kingdom;- is now plagued with low wages and high price of goods due to international competition for property. There are many homeless who are able to afford above average goods, and eat nutritional food of a high quality;- yet they cannot break through the glass ceiling to home ownership in the USA.
Building materials and other large goods are consistently damaged in shipment for the Oahu island population of 1mil., and the immediate cost of the goods is passed to the business owners rather than the home owner. Thus the current "modern" building construction  is already outdated and stale by international standards. Starting today, the new structures will be outdated for the next 50 years until mold and deterioration set in. If Hawaii is an example of International presence,

Business in Hawaii is closed to outsiders not connected to the undercurrent. They say it takes at least 5 years of surviving in Hawaii before any doors are opened to doing business in the State. And, that is irregardless of reputation. Many of the construction & Government contact workers who travel to the islands are also ex- USA military and have high level clearance to do contracting for the Military bases. They are able to participate in both the Federal level business as well as the local blackmarket economy for Marajuana/Pakalolo the biggest actual Hawaiian cash crop.