Wednesday, May 25, 2016

painful bioregionalism. 16mile town plan. Shingyo Money.

When I was a tween, I was reading loads of Issac Asimov and political books on Environment. One book that was in harmony with me was a book about a "new" idea named bioregionalism.
However, I read it after a trip to Japan and a thorough tour of our economic growth in  the Tohoku region to buildings in Tokyo.
Bioregionalism is for some reason in the English language a "new" idea that became popular in the 1980's.  However, because of the European feudal system and the USA being a new land with odd political boundaries contained within it;- it is a new idea for the USA. ASIA, however has been in existence for thousands of years compared to the USA's short 300 year life since 1776AD. And, in Japan, a system that was similar to Bioregionalism was in effect around 775AD.  It was called SHINGYO money.  Despite the government system of Lords being somewhat different and having more of a severe outward presence, shingyo money circulated in the Japanese prefectures. It supported the local economy even though sometimes the Lord held most of the money. Not dissimilar to the 1% phenomena that is happening globally.
Bioregionalism may be a shift in mental focus to the environment and away from typical governement and earth boundaries, However, the idea remains the same that waterways and mountain borders are obstacles that should not be monopolized in entirety by local people to block trade in entirety.
 Some Rare, 1% people in the USA who have had EXIM family  believe that humans are meant to live within a 16 mile radius. All food, work, and other basic life sustaining elements should be in that 16 miles. And, that more basic transportation for daily use should not be an automobile as most areas do not produce oil and gasoline. Basic, daily use transportation should be bicycles, or for those less healthy, a more suitable chauffer.