Thursday, May 26, 2016

My legal issues with US military personnel off duty

USA military in my life since Hawaii 2009 and APEC 2011 :- the following 2 Military personnel & contractors have damaged my safety and 
Financial integrity.
2/2009-3/2012- interference from a member of Obama's Hawaii based secret service. Worst:- Attempted to kill me and drive off with me half hanging out truck window;- Mililani, HI.  Made police report that disappeared when Honolulu Police Department lost many police reports in that time frame. This was despite the impression management and the Chinese-Hawaiian Secret Service Agent's motive to bring guns to Hawaii. 
Later in 2014? I was approached during a house interrogation with my housemates involving the same agent. I filed for a TRO finally due to some backup. The Federal Agent named with his attorney filed lawsuit(s) against my attorney to complicate the restraining order. After 6 mos it ended as what I initially offered at the first hearing;- TRO dismissal with prejudice. 
Hawaii State also tried to impose unconstitutional law on me saying that I will have to leave the state within 180days. I left within 180days to Japan and went to Ginza, Tokyo. I then returned to Hawaii.

2013:- I was attacked by a Navy Chief who was also a submarine nuclear engineer & friend for some time. He was out of control drinking and HPD watched me fight off the 190lb man for appx 20min. I was appx 119lbs at the time. I refused medical attention. They threatened to arrest me if I did not comply. This resulted in huge hospital bills so that the Honolulu prosecutor could drop all charges after failing to contact me, to avoid felony implications for the Navy Chief.