Monday, May 23, 2016

My Akita Japan

The North Western region of Honshu has a prefecture named Akita. Most Americans haven't even heard the word Akita, as it is also a name for an expensive dog breed from the Akita region of Japan.

Akita is a prefecture in the Tohoku region and has a long history that extends beyond the 1600's. The 1600's Akita samurai compound was comprised of over 150 samurai Families. Additionally, this area referred to as the Hachimantai is where the Godly Japanese Emperor descended. The Hachimantai was a political sanctuary before the 1600's. Because the Ocean was difficult to navigate with ancient ships and canoes, anyone who needed sanctuary and could make it to Akita safely was allowed to live peaceably. This included sailors, vikings, special forces from Siberian tigers to the Devourers and Catfish as well as Indian traders. It also included beautiful princesses from Korea as it was a place where they could live safely during wartime. They would travel to the region for the duration of battle until it was safe for them to return to their homelands abroad.

Akita was first settled by an ex-Prince from China who built and sailed a boat there with 500 beautiful women. He was disgusted with the Chinese Emperor and decided to leave China. Akita was rumoured to have been settled/ owned by Imperial China long before it joined the actual Japanese Country. Akita remained separate from Japan for approximately 600 years before formally becoming a Japanese governed prefecture.

Despite the Diversity in the Akita region, the Samurai families protected the Northernmost border of Japan. They had an old family trade and fishing routes that went from Akita to the Kuril islands, then from the Japanese side Ainu tribes to Siberia and Yakutia where the best horses were traded. The horses were also traded for weapons that came from China.  This was the modernization of the Samurai.

I still see that American culture teaches it's countryfolk that the USA brought weapons to Japan, that is despite Guns being developed in China in the 13th century. The main discrepancy being that the USA wasn't even a country for another 400 years. The other issue that the internet has cleared up  in the late 1900's somewhat, is that Americans believed that they invented Tofu and that all noodles came from Italy.