Sunday, May 22, 2016

Last night

I got to sunset before the T-shirt tent. The 1st bus load of tourists arrived pounding on my car window because I wanted to leave the lot, and was still sitting with engine running in my parking space. Old white guy with a Yokohama (American owned Japan city) hat on. 
My dreams this morning;- I was working in a 2 story building in Japan and the ocean engulfed the large stairway to the second floor. I was underwater holding my breath. Floating, I felt the walls & molding along the wall and followed it pulling myself by my fingertips  to the large square banister (which was partially hollow and contained some air) at the top of the staircase. I anchored myself to the banister post seemed 1'*1'. I blacked out and woke up at the top of the stairwell, laying face down. Only myself and a younger child seemed to be alive. Then another body began to cough and shrimp. I had to be thankful... Coming out of my dream the Egyptian snake headed God spoke to me in my lucid state;- telling me they finally found me. 
I wonder if this has to do with 2011 Tsunami as I was supposed to teach English in Tohoku region. I obtained my ESL weeds teaching certificate in Feb 2011.  It was after my 12/2011 visit with my family in Tohoku. 

Eating grain today from Ganesha Pad Thai dish @ elephant truck in an hour. Then to town Honolulu  by 4pm. I need the ocean and peace away from the tourists...