Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Journal meditation day

Today, meditation group @ Waikiki from 6ish till 9pm. Our community leader is still in Argentina and headed to the group's international North  American conference in a week or so. Yesterday, I got my weekly and quarterly focus plans underway. Still have to pick up a new journal and do my annual focus plan. Working out of "The Way of the Seal" since it already mimicked most of what I learned decades ago as a trained grassroots organizer. Today is going to be an intense self reflection day for me, more so than usual. 
Also, I'm going to try and restart master cleanse minus the super strong Senna ClenzT. Going for a more dilute version. 
This morning drinking my Green2o and a coconut lime KeVita. Getting choked out on coconut. Opting for mint tea if I'm out at Starbucks. Picked up a couple organic lemons. Last 2 -- will half fresh juice with lemon organic presqueezed lemon juice.