Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Japan Trans-Pacific Partnership

Last night the Japan Rep who I met at ABAC 2011, a older white haired Caucasian man from Bucks County;- stopped by my stage. It finally made sense that his collegues and/or friends pressured my brother's death nearly 11 years ago in this volatile world of EX-IM. 
I'm tragically disgusted with what I realized, and that they are making me a laughing stock. 
I am not at all happy, and I agree with my family in discontinued business with the Caucasian-Americans, women included.

Whites are violent back stabbers who find the longterm game more satisfying and gratifying in their executions/murders of non-whites. I'm not sure that business with African-Americans will be much better as I have already experienced their agenda against Caicasian racism. They are biased at pushing their agendas and offer no internal domestic help that is actually appropriate for an international field.

Though, I've found some of the Russians (not the Georgia born) quite agreeable. I question their possession by Christianity in the ASEAN Environment. It is my biggest concern.