Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My current death menace is back

In Hawaii the term Export-Import is a salacious word to the majority. It connotates foreign car models & porn stars. I = neither. Yet it is still a source of amusement for the male population on the island knowing they destroyed any decent career I may have had from the USA as a political liaison in Export-Import.
They made it easy for the Chinese-Hawaiian descent Federal Agent & military contract trainer who hijacked me from my vacation at the Honolulu airport to rob me and put me in the Sex industry 6 years ago. (He is someone who also proudly claims he has purchased women on his credit card and trafficked them to the Vatican in hearsay, as well as grilling me as to if I could obtain weapons for Hawaiian Nation). My credit was completely annihilated. He gave my ID to someone else. I've been fighting to retain minimal living standards here in Hawaii, and I can't go back to the mainland in this kind of disrepair. He annihilated my financial security. 
My depression is starting to become overwhelming. I can only "dance" as licensed by the Honolulu Liquor Comission that has previously "given away" my identity information to Chinese biased authorities on this island. 
The Hawaii population thinks it's amusing. They have embarrassed me in front of an international audience of tourists and some of my relatives;- not to mention other countries where my family's business connections have been more than aggravated. Each time I have a suitable living environment he, without incvitation, has "stopped by", stolen information or keys and called me crazy and threatened to harm me. 33black belts and 6 grandmaster ranks in various arts- he is impossible for me to contend with anymore.
My newest concern is his "poverty due to helping his parents current debts. Current debts they hold from their housing association. He incurred job loss as a paramedic possibly from harming me over 5 years go. He teaches martial arts privately to children of Kailua families at a church, among his other adult students.

I'm afraid he will kill me.