Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fraud due to USA companies/ Institutions i am unable to remedy

From the time of my brother's unnatural death;- Most USA banks/creditors  have mishandled or not allowed me to access my account. They also  allowed data breaches that destroyed my credit and bill paying ability. Some  have also shut down my accounts when I began to receive paychecks.They have in fact, made it difficult for me to continue living in the USA. Their automated systems also fail when I call. The tellers complain to their management when I have issues with this as well.:
list includes: Alternatives Federal Credit Union in NY
                     American Savings Bank, Hawaii
                     Bank of Hawaii, Hawaii
                     M&T Bank

The Federal agent was friendly with Tellers and was able to access my safe deposit box at the Mililani, HI  Branch especially (due to the Agent's  personal girlfriends & "students"). The agent was also able to take enough personal identification and cards of mine to most likely have a female accomplice and take out line of credits as below.

This bank was entirely fraudulent and added $60,000 debt to my credit report during a time where I was having issues with a member of Secret service/ Feds :  Bank of America

Fraudulent: Bills from University of Hawaii that included parking tickets when I had NO CAR.
also, during the time the Federal Agent I took to court 2 years later with slight intervention with USA Military intelligence unit.

Other Stores in Hawaii that have made accusations and collected my personal information with security present and refusing me any "privacy policy";- because of purchases I made
CVS/ Long's Pharmacy.

I cannot live in the USA. Pennsylvania has White Supremacists who frequently attempt to kill me, with aid from the Quakertown and Richlandtown, PA police.

I define my  week currently  as Tuesday- Monday.
Wednesday tends to be my spirituality & Personal  day.
I am off typically Saturday.  Friday on occasion.