Sunday, May 08, 2016

Eve of my Brother's memorial

My mother is on my mind today. 
11 years ago, my brother was killed. They, Morning Call, removed his obituary from online post I sponsored.  I was told that  someone in Pennsylvania sold his identity to China or Korea.
He was found dead and the Quakertown police were violent towards me after I called 9-11. I was told to keep my mouth shut about the incident however, attempts at harming me ensued from the Quakertown police and community members. 
I still feel the Quakertown police misrepresented his time of death due to how gray his body was. They also "recovered" a weapon I never saw at the site and asked no questions.
Members& officers of the Quakertown & Richlandtownship police have harassed me in the past. Typically they would fire M-16's on Sunday mornings in the area where my brother's body was found. 
They also have hacked my online accounts and especially after covering up another attempt on my life October 2015.