Sunday, May 08, 2016

cleanz T and start master cleanse

After 2-3 weeks of food poisoning and my coffee spiked with rat poison Coagulation happened and other drinks being "off" - the Amla I took seemed to make my stomach better. 2days  with Amla.
I took 4 Cleanz T pills with H2O when the bottle arrived. Nothing noticeable or different happened. 
Last night I broke open 1CleanzT capsule and made hot tea. I drank it and slept well. I also had 1scoop Go! Nitrimax . I woke up with my stomach feeling a bit more calm and settled. 
This morning, I started 1scoop Go! Nitrimax in hot water. My morning vitamin C and some replacement to the food poisoning I got from raw organic beets at the salad bar. I made a quart Green 2o and a cup of Green2o hot tea. I poured my vegetarian sourced Emergen-C MSM packet in it and it fizzed for a while 50seconds...without exploding. We know Green 2o can't be mixed with sparkling mineral water without a green fountain explosion. Jeff also told us it doesn't work to try make Green 2o fizzy.
I took some extra BioSil (3) caps this morning. 
And, I made a 16oz Cleanz T with hot water to drink later today.
- My real food meal today $15 @ Blue Tree was a "pasta" salad made of raw zucchini strands coated in oil with 3slices of coloured peppers and 2 olives. I added a large split pea soup with carrots that seemed to be grain free. Tasted a little Ethiopian even with the Rosemary. 
That's all so far. Day not over. I am not ready for the cleanse yet. Need to pick up maple syrup.