Monday, May 09, 2016

Car check- ugh daily

Things to check car for:-knowing it's probably been broken into- this is a regular thing that turns into costly repairs.
• flat tire- usually happens at Ala Moana mall level 2 parking side where Macy's to Long's Drugs. Despite cams, someone lets air out of tires. Security staff no good.
• mileage change
• voodoo- unusual amulets / symbols usually in trunk or under mats.
• planted clothing/ aka evidence some of the more surly extortion blackmail peeps do.
• missing car accessories - phone charger, tire slime, newly broken interior plastic (my car is older so more fragile and noticeable tampering)
• fuse box - missing and rearranged fuses 
• bugs & wire tampering under/in dash
-- once found a charged fiber optic HF bug in the trunk- tiny, and wireless. As big as a letter "O"
(Movie theatre - "firefly" drone with infrared cam back 2009)
• under hood tampering - suddenly loose parts 
• antenna missing
• hubcaps missing
• door locks near completely broken