Sunday, May 01, 2016

ASEAN Families before USA policies

I picked up a newspaper today from the hotel concierge. I've been living the past 5 months In Hawaii between the North Shore surf contests, a dojo in disrepair, & hotels on the weekends. 
If the USA were treated as unfair in a trade group, as I was born to their country and treated so badly;- there wouldn't be much left of the USA. It wouldn't matter if the provisions  of a trade deal were broken, despite threats and USA congress. That is aside from any other economic policies that effect total USA economic superiority. My prior role as an expoditer will not matter much in the near future as USA does not acknowledge or respect those of us whose families are already involved in actual international trade & shipping. Rather, the USA rapidly attempts to execute our families in entirety in exchange for its own subversive underground and military plan. 
Despite my Japanese and Chinese heritage, I cannot at all blame China for disallowing aggressive USA forces to its gateway shores.