Thursday, May 19, 2016

American men can't impress Japanese family

It's become really clear to me;- 
The men I've met really can't afford to date me or be part of my family. My father married"? my mother at a time when Japan was poor economically. Since the Japan became the 3rd largest economy and American men find it cheaper to impress Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino families abroad. Their money buys a lot in those countries now. 
It makes things really intolerable since they "scoff" at my family overseas due to their own financial deficiencies. 
So, I understand why China doesn't change their currency value. 
Japan is in a difficult position. It's an extremely difficult time for me here in the States. Plus add in that all Japan's competition has been on the east coast undermining my life. Compounds the problem for me. 
I'm ready to throw the towel in soon because the men in Hawaii also expect me to "be nice" and have sex with them for free;- and they harass me a lot (nearly everyday here by someone new out in public). I really can't tolerate much more as a first generation person. The Americans are awful to me most of the time. Very few actually help. And then I still have to be cordial and polite for political purposes. 
It's unbearable at this point.