Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day surf

Memorial Day. 
3rd time on my surfboard...today actual wave...@ Sunset, Haleiwa 4' waves.
Then Buzz Bar for sunset. 
Great day! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Make USA military leave Japan

Get 90% of USA military bases out of Japan please!!! 

My legal issues with US military personnel off duty

USA military in my life since Hawaii 2009 and APEC 2011 :- the following 2 Military personnel & contractors have damaged my safety and 
Financial integrity.
2/2009-3/2012- interference from a member of Obama's Hawaii based secret service. Worst:- Attempted to kill me and drive off with me half hanging out truck window;- Mililani, HI.  Made police report that disappeared when Honolulu Police Department lost many police reports in that time frame. This was despite the impression management and the Chinese-Hawaiian Secret Service Agent's motive to bring guns to Hawaii. 
Later in 2014? I was approached during a house interrogation with my housemates involving the same agent. I filed for a TRO finally due to some backup. The Federal Agent named with his attorney filed lawsuit(s) against my attorney to complicate the restraining order. After 6 mos it ended as what I initially offered at the first hearing;- TRO dismissal with prejudice. 
Hawaii State also tried to impose unconstitutional law on me saying that I will have to leave the state within 180days. I left within 180days to Japan and went to Ginza, Tokyo. I then returned to Hawaii.

2013:- I was attacked by a Navy Chief who was also a submarine nuclear engineer & friend for some time. He was out of control drinking and HPD watched me fight off the 190lb man for appx 20min. I was appx 119lbs at the time. I refused medical attention. They threatened to arrest me if I did not comply. This resulted in huge hospital bills so that the Honolulu prosecutor could drop all charges after failing to contact me, to avoid felony implications for the Navy Chief.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

painful bioregionalism. 16mile town plan. Shingyo Money.

When I was a tween, I was reading loads of Issac Asimov and political books on Environment. One book that was in harmony with me was a book about a "new" idea named bioregionalism.
However, I read it after a trip to Japan and a thorough tour of our economic growth in  the Tohoku region to buildings in Tokyo.
Bioregionalism is for some reason in the English language a "new" idea that became popular in the 1980's.  However, because of the European feudal system and the USA being a new land with odd political boundaries contained within it;- it is a new idea for the USA. ASIA, however has been in existence for thousands of years compared to the USA's short 300 year life since 1776AD. And, in Japan, a system that was similar to Bioregionalism was in effect around 775AD.  It was called SHINGYO money.  Despite the government system of Lords being somewhat different and having more of a severe outward presence, shingyo money circulated in the Japanese prefectures. It supported the local economy even though sometimes the Lord held most of the money. Not dissimilar to the 1% phenomena that is happening globally.
Bioregionalism may be a shift in mental focus to the environment and away from typical governement and earth boundaries, However, the idea remains the same that waterways and mountain borders are obstacles that should not be monopolized in entirety by local people to block trade in entirety.
 Some Rare, 1% people in the USA who have had EXIM family  believe that humans are meant to live within a 16 mile radius. All food, work, and other basic life sustaining elements should be in that 16 miles. And, that more basic transportation for daily use should not be an automobile as most areas do not produce oil and gasoline. Basic, daily use transportation should be bicycles, or for those less healthy, a more suitable chauffer.

Shingyo Money ideas as Japan turns out of Deflation

20 years of deflation and the less expensive yen, caused shoppers to seek out local goods at discounted rates. It's the Same same, but different impact of USA is too expensive to do business with.
And Japan, should seek more personal wealth in positive investments and straying from the global banking credit lines.
Something to consider similar to Shingyo money, to remain insulated from foreign business interest is trying to develop a local/prefecture currency that does not ripple due to the international trade market, Also, to keep the local/prefectural money on a short schedule to be "recycled" every 3-4 years. Thus the national standard Ginko can still remain with the larger Japanese banks.
A local "shingyo" type money should be based on actual life goods that are made, used, and traded within the prefecture. It should encourage sufficient sustainable & local agriculture, Health services, Tutoring & Arts lessons, regional clothing & household goods. Today, for some;- will include technology, vehicles in the vicinity of the company production buildings. And, in those more globally linked regions, should enforce corporate participation in supporting the local workers on a domestic standard. In some places such alternative money is structured like USA military pay/money. Others call it group wholesale. And again there are other areas that use the money as a representation of a more socialist concept that everyone is equal and so the money is equal in time.  Another Idea to protect local Japan from warring economies;- Shingyo banks by prefecture for those who do not have a need to move Japanese money abroad.

Bio regionalism is an old idea that the Europeans purport as a stodgy equivalent to Asian countries coping with European & American presence. It seems evident that other ASEAN countries that are frequented by USA tourists work on a local money & goods scale as well as an international standard. It seems to make life less stressful for the domestic population.

thoughts about Hawaiian Islands as the underflow is raging from Mexico, Israel, China & the Asian blackmarket economy.
Hawaii state, an old Kingdom;- is now plagued with low wages and high price of goods due to international competition for property. There are many homeless who are able to afford above average goods, and eat nutritional food of a high quality;- yet they cannot break through the glass ceiling to home ownership in the USA.
Building materials and other large goods are consistently damaged in shipment for the Oahu island population of 1mil., and the immediate cost of the goods is passed to the business owners rather than the home owner. Thus the current "modern" building construction  is already outdated and stale by international standards. Starting today, the new structures will be outdated for the next 50 years until mold and deterioration set in. If Hawaii is an example of International presence,

Business in Hawaii is closed to outsiders not connected to the undercurrent. They say it takes at least 5 years of surviving in Hawaii before any doors are opened to doing business in the State. And, that is irregardless of reputation. Many of the construction & Government contact workers who travel to the islands are also ex- USA military and have high level clearance to do contracting for the Military bases. They are able to participate in both the Federal level business as well as the local blackmarket economy for Marajuana/Pakalolo the biggest actual Hawaiian cash crop.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Racism: USA dual citizen passports

Since the USA has many internal domestic issues with national origins discrimination and racism;- they plan to make new USA passports that are different to show dual and multiple citizen ships of its citizens travelling abroad.
It's supposed to be an "information quest" to target multinational citizens in business and who have political families.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The USA is terribly mentally painful in Representing Asian Culture

Today my personal issues with the USA:-
1. That Asia has catered to the USA's consumer wants, without population projections and pollution/contaminants consideration.
1. USA is a ghost land. Spirits without responsibility to the planet or the larger human society being run responsible to maintain a healthy balance on the planet. There has been too much taken from the earth for this one country alone just based on 2 inventions:- lighting & cars.

3. They live as unattached ghost spirits who travel the world and criticize and kill people based on Americanized bibles. Not everyone in the USA has over a 90% reading comprehension. 

4.  The advent of the television and Internet has not informed the USA public of much that is unbiased. False history of the world and other nations is taught to USA citizens to influence wars in other countries. 

My Akita Japan

The North Western region of Honshu has a prefecture named Akita. Most Americans haven't even heard the word Akita, as it is also a name for an expensive dog breed from the Akita region of Japan.

Akita is a prefecture in the Tohoku region and has a long history that extends beyond the 1600's. The 1600's Akita samurai compound was comprised of over 150 samurai Families. Additionally, this area referred to as the Hachimantai is where the Godly Japanese Emperor descended. The Hachimantai was a political sanctuary before the 1600's. Because the Ocean was difficult to navigate with ancient ships and canoes, anyone who needed sanctuary and could make it to Akita safely was allowed to live peaceably. This included sailors, vikings, special forces from Siberian tigers to the Devourers and Catfish as well as Indian traders. It also included beautiful princesses from Korea as it was a place where they could live safely during wartime. They would travel to the region for the duration of battle until it was safe for them to return to their homelands abroad.

Akita was first settled by an ex-Prince from China who built and sailed a boat there with 500 beautiful women. He was disgusted with the Chinese Emperor and decided to leave China. Akita was rumoured to have been settled/ owned by Imperial China long before it joined the actual Japanese Country. Akita remained separate from Japan for approximately 600 years before formally becoming a Japanese governed prefecture.

Despite the Diversity in the Akita region, the Samurai families protected the Northernmost border of Japan. They had an old family trade and fishing routes that went from Akita to the Kuril islands, then from the Japanese side Ainu tribes to Siberia and Yakutia where the best horses were traded. The horses were also traded for weapons that came from China.  This was the modernization of the Samurai.

I still see that American culture teaches it's countryfolk that the USA brought weapons to Japan, that is despite Guns being developed in China in the 13th century. The main discrepancy being that the USA wasn't even a country for another 400 years. The other issue that the internet has cleared up  in the late 1900's somewhat, is that Americans believed that they invented Tofu and that all noodles came from Italy.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Last night

I got to sunset before the T-shirt tent. The 1st bus load of tourists arrived pounding on my car window because I wanted to leave the lot, and was still sitting with engine running in my parking space. Old white guy with a Yokohama (American owned Japan city) hat on. 
My dreams this morning;- I was working in a 2 story building in Japan and the ocean engulfed the large stairway to the second floor. I was underwater holding my breath. Floating, I felt the walls & molding along the wall and followed it pulling myself by my fingertips  to the large square banister (which was partially hollow and contained some air) at the top of the staircase. I anchored myself to the banister post seemed 1'*1'. I blacked out and woke up at the top of the stairwell, laying face down. Only myself and a younger child seemed to be alive. Then another body began to cough and shrimp. I had to be thankful... Coming out of my dream the Egyptian snake headed God spoke to me in my lucid state;- telling me they finally found me. 
I wonder if this has to do with 2011 Tsunami as I was supposed to teach English in Tohoku region. I obtained my ESL weeds teaching certificate in Feb 2011.  It was after my 12/2011 visit with my family in Tohoku. 

Eating grain today from Ganesha Pad Thai dish @ elephant truck in an hour. Then to town Honolulu  by 4pm. I need the ocean and peace away from the tourists...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Crazy posts I make public to try stay alive in USA.

Fraud due to USA companies/ Institutions i am unable to remedy

From the time of my brother's unnatural death;- Most USA banks/creditors  have mishandled or not allowed me to access my account. They also  allowed data breaches that destroyed my credit and bill paying ability. Some  have also shut down my accounts when I began to receive paychecks.They have in fact, made it difficult for me to continue living in the USA. Their automated systems also fail when I call. The tellers complain to their management when I have issues with this as well.:
list includes: Alternatives Federal Credit Union in NY
                     American Savings Bank, Hawaii
                     Bank of Hawaii, Hawaii
                     M&T Bank

The Federal agent was friendly with Tellers and was able to access my safe deposit box at the Mililani, HI  Branch especially (due to the Agent's  personal girlfriends & "students"). The agent was also able to take enough personal identification and cards of mine to most likely have a female accomplice and take out line of credits as below.

This bank was entirely fraudulent and added $60,000 debt to my credit report during a time where I was having issues with a member of Secret service/ Feds :  Bank of America

Fraudulent: Bills from University of Hawaii that included parking tickets when I had NO CAR.
also, during the time the Federal Agent I took to court 2 years later with slight intervention with USA Military intelligence unit.

Other Stores in Hawaii that have made accusations and collected my personal information with security present and refusing me any "privacy policy";- because of purchases I made
CVS/ Long's Pharmacy.

I cannot live in the USA. Pennsylvania has White Supremacists who frequently attempt to kill me, with aid from the Quakertown and Richlandtown, PA police.

I define my  week currently  as Tuesday- Monday.
Wednesday tends to be my spirituality & Personal  day.
I am off typically Saturday.  Friday on occasion.

Blue flower moon over Haleiwa

Once in a Night Rainbow

The North Shore;- Blue moon rising, and the rare night rainbow was seen by a Hawaiian woman as a privledged lifetime experience. Today May 21, 2016 at 10:16:37am Hawaiian Time is the real full moon we won't be able to view, In daylight. Viewing times at this link http://www.calendar-365.com/moon/moon-phases.html.

Stills from my phone while watching the moon set @ Haleiwa 5 hrs before today's "full moon" is seen @ the rest of the planet. I'm still wishing for a decent camera.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

American men can't impress Japanese family

It's become really clear to me;- 
The men I've met really can't afford to date me or be part of my family. My father married"? my mother at a time when Japan was poor economically. Since the Japan became the 3rd largest economy and American men find it cheaper to impress Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino families abroad. Their money buys a lot in those countries now. 
It makes things really intolerable since they "scoff" at my family overseas due to their own financial deficiencies. 
So, I understand why China doesn't change their currency value. 
Japan is in a difficult position. It's an extremely difficult time for me here in the States. Plus add in that all Japan's competition has been on the east coast undermining my life. Compounds the problem for me. 
I'm ready to throw the towel in soon because the men in Hawaii also expect me to "be nice" and have sex with them for free;- and they harass me a lot (nearly everyday here by someone new out in public). I really can't tolerate much more as a first generation person. The Americans are awful to me most of the time. Very few actually help. And then I still have to be cordial and polite for political purposes. 
It's unbearable at this point.

Was thinking of writing a song today

It might go like 
1. I want to wrap myself in the ocean 
Surrounded by waters of peace...
2. I'm so sick of u you f'n tourists
U think the parking lot is a f'n sidewalk
In Haleiwa we don't gotta work
So they rob u tourists blind for making us late and f'n pissed off 
Because u won't get out of my f'n wawhile u walk the f'n parking lot all f'n day
And the bus dropped off a new crew
To do the same thing every day 20x by two!
U f'n tourists fly a price to f'n eat pizza in paradise

HPD worse than Terrorists to me

I saw this headline this morning;- though I'm sure entirely unrelated to my personal safety concerns::--- I was like wow! About time, though doesn't include specific officers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Journal meditation day

Today, meditation group @ Waikiki from 6ish till 9pm. Our community leader is still in Argentina and headed to the group's international North  American conference in a week or so. Yesterday, I got my weekly and quarterly focus plans underway. Still have to pick up a new journal and do my annual focus plan. Working out of "The Way of the Seal" since it already mimicked most of what I learned decades ago as a trained grassroots organizer. Today is going to be an intense self reflection day for me, more so than usual. 
Also, I'm going to try and restart master cleanse minus the super strong Senna ClenzT. Going for a more dilute version. 
This morning drinking my Green2o and a coconut lime KeVita. Getting choked out on coconut. Opting for mint tea if I'm out at Starbucks. Picked up a couple organic lemons. Last 2 -- will half fresh juice with lemon organic presqueezed lemon juice.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Stomach still sore

mint tea  in morning. 
.18lbs  Tiny beet, cabbage, carrot, cherry tomato salad. 
.3lbs kidney bean chile.
Then totally ruined my 160cal Vega Sport performance protein chocolate by mixing it in most of a total 360cal 16oz Soy Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt- I ate most of it (added water) until I realized there's tapioca & rice starch in the yogurt...gak!!! 

16oz Green 2o in h20
16oz Zico + 1stick mint Green 2o + Vega Sport Performance Protein chocolate (watered down with mint tea)
20oz Mint tea
Lg side Mixed veggies Panda + blanched almonds. 1/4 fortune cookie.
2cups coffee
1cup CleanzT tea
28oz natural saltwater flush

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Missing card today

Has happened more than 1x so far, several:- someone steals bank cards, credit cards, anything with a name and then make a fake ID to go with it. Annoying Hawaii 
Not much i can do;- since it takes time for replacement to arrive 

Day 2 recovery from MC

Stomach still hurts and finished the night with last of MC lemonade with maple syrup. Breakfast is slow:- mint tea 1st, 1 organic avocado, then some almond milk yogurt, and this salad with a fat free tomato sauce based basil dressing (no oil) ; cabbage, beets, olives, carrots pumpkin seeds and a couple cherry tomatoes 

Thought on TSA

Collateral damage of TSA on "race and minority women". Especially since they target "me" 100%.
I'd like to know the financial setback when the airport's TSA confiscates various items from passenger luggage. 
This happens every flight I make, they take my carry on too and damage electronics if they ever return them. Also collateral damage of the delay of held luggage and missing appointment or not being able to charge a phone because TSA takes the charger.
Financial damage & personal security tampering to my life without reason or repayment.

Nightmare since 2003

Friday, May 13, 2016

This morning stomach sore - fast off

150 cal. coconut yogurt chocolate 
0 cal. 1stick Green2o +8oz H2O
0 cal. 16.9oz Pellegrino
10 cal. Ginger lemon KeVita probiotic 

I may restart MC Sunday & go to next week. Figure out new sugar dose. Or try with less senna Cleanz T, liquid only.

Cleanz T 7 days Mc Cleans 2days

Just killed the MC cleanse after intense upper abdominal pain that making me sick, mucoids. I'll try it again when my stomach has calmed down, 
Things wrong with MC for me:-
• sugar
• coming off cleanse orange Juice - I don't drink juice or eat much fruit + sugar issue
In a few days I've concluded the Mc is close to my daily regular caloric intake & has more sugars. I feel better with less sugar, though I love maple syrup.

just been through tons of stress.  It is however day 7 for simple Cleanz T cleanse I started last Thursday. I tried to add on. 
Will try again another time without Cleanz T. I think the combo too much.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 3- Master Cleanse

Can't believe I made it through day 1 without shaking hands.
Day 2- 2 Cleanz T 1morning tea, 1 evening capsule; fresh juice from organic lemons, water Cayenne, organic grade a syrup in glass containers. No food. Slept 16hrs though...craving pizza.
Day 3- morning saltwater 2tsp+1qt
Crystal Geyser. Sea salt Raw& Natural from hawaii salt holes- has imperfections.
Cleanz T tea. Then capsule l8r

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quotation for the day

"Whoever has not learned to look behind the scenes will be duped time and again by promises and flattering words." ~ Bruno Groening, mystic

Hillary vs. Trump

The deconstructionist movement is humoresque in the future of an American nation lead by Donald Trump. It is frightening. Hawaii is a hub for gangs and some of them are agreeing that under Donald Trump, they would be able to become establishments that are uncontested in their communities:- especially when working jointly.

Hillary Clinton is a woman, yet our more stand and appropriate politician type with little hype coming from the "underground". She is a mother and has been a protector of the USA constitution for decades. Even with overseas faith in the TPP crumbling quickly;- the USA will still benefit internally from a standard American platform.  

Japan Trans-Pacific Partnership

Last night the Japan Rep who I met at ABAC 2011, a older white haired Caucasian man from Bucks County;- stopped by my stage. It finally made sense that his collegues and/or friends pressured my brother's death nearly 11 years ago in this volatile world of EX-IM. 
I'm tragically disgusted with what I realized, and that they are making me a laughing stock. 
I am not at all happy, and I agree with my family in discontinued business with the Caucasian-Americans, women included.

Whites are violent back stabbers who find the longterm game more satisfying and gratifying in their executions/murders of non-whites. I'm not sure that business with African-Americans will be much better as I have already experienced their agenda against Caicasian racism. They are biased at pushing their agendas and offer no internal domestic help that is actually appropriate for an international field.

Though, I've found some of the Russians (not the Georgia born) quite agreeable. I question their possession by Christianity in the ASEAN Environment. It is my biggest concern.

My current death menace is back

In Hawaii the term Export-Import is a salacious word to the majority. It connotates foreign car models & porn stars. I = neither. Yet it is still a source of amusement for the male population on the island knowing they destroyed any decent career I may have had from the USA as a political liaison in Export-Import.
They made it easy for the Chinese-Hawaiian descent Federal Agent & military contract trainer who hijacked me from my vacation at the Honolulu airport to rob me and put me in the Sex industry 6 years ago. (He is someone who also proudly claims he has purchased women on his credit card and trafficked them to the Vatican in hearsay, as well as grilling me as to if I could obtain weapons for Hawaiian Nation). My credit was completely annihilated. He gave my ID to someone else. I've been fighting to retain minimal living standards here in Hawaii, and I can't go back to the mainland in this kind of disrepair. He annihilated my financial security. 
My depression is starting to become overwhelming. I can only "dance" as licensed by the Honolulu Liquor Comission that has previously "given away" my identity information to Chinese biased authorities on this island. 
The Hawaii population thinks it's amusing. They have embarrassed me in front of an international audience of tourists and some of my relatives;- not to mention other countries where my family's business connections have been more than aggravated. Each time I have a suitable living environment he, without incvitation, has "stopped by", stolen information or keys and called me crazy and threatened to harm me. 33black belts and 6 grandmaster ranks in various arts- he is impossible for me to contend with anymore.
My newest concern is his "poverty due to helping his parents current debts. Current debts they hold from their housing association. He incurred job loss as a paramedic possibly from harming me over 5 years go. He teaches martial arts privately to children of Kailua families at a church, among his other adult students.

I'm afraid he will kill me.

Vegan Superfoods Alkaline

Top 3 List - no fruit or grain base
💚Cacao - powder easiest to use on the go
Pros: easy to add on the go to drink, protein & energy, alkaline side, loved 
Cons: can't think of one. 

💚Chlorophyllins - broken down chlorophyll 
      •Chlorophyll- grows in a tank (homegrown)
Pros: great protein source, super energy
Cons: hard to process from scratch, better mixed with other elements, finding product that works well (blend) is hard, not available at most stores.

💚Poi - pounded taro root (made fresh is best) 
Pros: low glycemic, good calories, not grain or fruit
Cons: Hard to get fresh even in Hawaii, possible contamination due to root crop

Others for alkaline 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cleanz T day 1

Day 1:-
Last food/oils for cleanse- 1/2 avo with vegan pesto.
1 serving Go! Nitrimax
Drank 1 capsule Cleanz T 
--------------afternoon- evening
28oz Maple syrup+H20- mixed 1/2 cup black coffee+ cayenne pepper (will try cut out coffee)
1 small Pelligrino
3L H2o

Hawaii updated Skyline

General consensus:-
Hawaii's skyline is "laughable" with poor outdated design choices that resemble prisons and hospitals. 

Monday, May 09, 2016

Car check- ugh daily

Things to check car for:-knowing it's probably been broken into- this is a regular thing that turns into costly repairs.
• flat tire- usually happens at Ala Moana mall level 2 parking side where Macy's to Long's Drugs. Despite cams, someone lets air out of tires. Security staff no good.
• mileage change
• voodoo- unusual amulets / symbols usually in trunk or under mats.
• planted clothing/ aka evidence some of the more surly extortion blackmail peeps do.
• missing car accessories - phone charger, tire slime, newly broken interior plastic (my car is older so more fragile and noticeable tampering)
• fuse box - missing and rearranged fuses 
• bugs & wire tampering under/in dash
-- once found a charged fiber optic HF bug in the trunk- tiny, and wireless. As big as a letter "O"
(Movie theatre - "firefly" drone with infrared cam back 2009)
• under hood tampering - suddenly loose parts 
• antenna missing
• hubcaps missing
• door locks near completely broken

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Spring cleaning:- Makeup bag

Hawaii Cruelty free elements
Vegan makeup bag: Tahiti
Products to replace:-
Danielle naturals - synthetic brushes
Cover FX compact
Ellen Tracy - shadow, bronzer, lip gloss
Urban Decay - pencil eyeliners 
NYX - glitter pigment roll ins
Aveda - concealers 
Lush - pigment 
Japanese blotting papers
Revlon waterproof mascara
Tahiti spray vanilla oil (light fragrance)
Kauai Kiss lip balm
Mineral Fusion -pink nail polish
Green 2o - fulvic mineral alkaline drink
Emergen-C MSM drink
-Paul Mitchell shampoo & conditioner
- Paya shampoo, bath gel, lotion from Aqua Aloha Surf Hotel
Gorilla glue - just because Hawaiian heat trashes regular adhesives & plastics

Walk on the Dark side- cruelty free forgotten due to China opening yet culturally accepting colours for my skin.-- MAC ugh.
Not sure how I feel about it, vegan looks pasty, chalky, grey or muddy. isn't all it for my Hapa skin tone. 

My revised dietary supplement regimen

K*new supplements in past 2 years as of May 2016- due to issue with nutritionist. 

Joints, skin, muscles
* Emergency-C MSM
Go! Nitrimax 

Alkaline plant based- 
Green 2o- fulvic minerals & chlorophyllins

* Cogniflex (capsule not veg)

Grain & fruit free & soy free protein 
* Vega Sport Performance Protein 30g
Blanched slivered almonds

Eat 1-2 salad/steamed veggies based meals a day= low calorie.

Having issues adding enough healthy calories for workouts.

cleanz T and start master cleanse

After 2-3 weeks of food poisoning and my coffee spiked with rat poison Coagulation happened and other drinks being "off" - the Amla I took seemed to make my stomach better. 2days  with Amla.
I took 4 Cleanz T pills with H2O when the bottle arrived. Nothing noticeable or different happened. 
Last night I broke open 1CleanzT capsule and made hot tea. I drank it and slept well. I also had 1scoop Go! Nitrimax . I woke up with my stomach feeling a bit more calm and settled. 
This morning, I started 1scoop Go! Nitrimax in hot water. My morning vitamin C and some replacement to the food poisoning I got from raw organic beets at the salad bar. I made a quart Green 2o and a cup of Green2o hot tea. I poured my vegetarian sourced Emergen-C MSM packet in it and it fizzed for a while 50seconds...without exploding. We know Green 2o can't be mixed with sparkling mineral water without a green fountain explosion. Jeff also told us it doesn't work to try make Green 2o fizzy.
I took some extra BioSil (3) caps this morning. 
And, I made a 16oz Cleanz T with hot water to drink later today.
- My real food meal today $15 @ Blue Tree was a "pasta" salad made of raw zucchini strands coated in oil with 3slices of coloured peppers and 2 olives. I added a large split pea soup with carrots that seemed to be grain free. Tasted a little Ethiopian even with the Rosemary. 
That's all so far. Day not over. I am not ready for the cleanse yet. Need to pick up maple syrup. 

Eve of my Brother's memorial

My mother is on my mind today. 
11 years ago, my brother was killed. They, Morning Call, removed his obituary from online post I sponsored.  I was told that  someone in Pennsylvania sold his identity to China or Korea.
He was found dead and the Quakertown police were violent towards me after I called 9-11. I was told to keep my mouth shut about the incident however, attempts at harming me ensued from the Quakertown police and community members. 
I still feel the Quakertown police misrepresented his time of death due to how gray his body was. They also "recovered" a weapon I never saw at the site and asked no questions.
Members& officers of the Quakertown & Richlandtownship police have harassed me in the past. Typically they would fire M-16's on Sunday mornings in the area where my brother's body was found. 
They also have hacked my online accounts and especially after covering up another attempt on my life October 2015.

Raunchy NY food Cornell Style

Even though most "Japanese"named restaurants in NY are Korean owned;-- they say New York Japanese sushi is so popular because they rub it on the snatch of their most favourite Korean whore. 
*add the fact that U.S. Americans personally enforce US nationality standards of birth by land nationality. They scoff at Asian countries this way. 

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Hawaii Banks

Hawaii is failing to keep my personal data  secure on many levels. I'm not too certain that it will be live able as many banks have taken personal actions against me & my accounts because they are anti-TPP & any Export-Import that their established Hawaiian Chinese & Yakuza syndicates run. 
Looks bad today, really really bad.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Things this world needs

• End of the World gift cards

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Stalked & dummy metal detector

Guy plates Pwz ### -- getting creepy was watching for me in lobby--parked on same level -- went down wrong way

Yesterday - new moved in metal detector @ work door entrance- not plugged in.

Yesterday, I was followed by at least 1 vehicle- possibly 2 -- 1 Silver Lexus SUv with a woman driving with Asian looking black hair & big sunglasses, Kaneohe side. I turned into a drive with a lot at end& turned around. When they pulled in the drive, she saw me looking at them and immediately did 3pt. Turn out of the drive. Kaneohe side.

May vegan Ketchup Cleanse

May 2016 Cleanse starting:-today. With Amla 4tablets on sale for $11.69+tax & a KeVita Lemon Cayenne $4. I'm waiting for my 7-14day Cleanz T Liv International supplement to arrive by the weekend with my regular alkaline minerals diet.

Long gone are the days I worked taking care of the produce and training even Carl Sagan's personal assistant at the time from Monterrey to do a volunteer shift each week at an coop back in 1997. Back then The Ultimate Meal was my fave supplement & meal (lasted over a decade & a half). The 5 gallon water containers that Eric Marcus hauled in to refill on his 30day master cleanse (cayenne, maple syrup, lemon, H20) while writing his Vegan the New Ethics of Eating book. 
Today about 20years later I'm sitting in Hawaii. I ordered my Green2O and a cleanse. I was bad to myself and had been consuming Petafied Taco Bell vegan frugal noms. Though my wallet is a little fatter my stomach hurts, badly. I'm dying for a cleanse. 

I ordered CleanzT yesterday ;- an untried by me Liv International product ringing in near $35@ distributor price. Also an arginine and vitamin C boost with a canister of  Go! @$65 distributor price, and $45 Green2o. 

I picked up 1.5lbs of blanched almonds as I'm ditching my nutritionist's pea protein recommendation. Makes no sense to me that she said "no fruit, no grain, no mixed fruit, no soy" yet recommended a pea protein that is high in purines -bad for gout sensitive vegans. Starting to annoy me on my 2nd year with this diet.  I stopped taking digestive enzymes to break down any Uric acid buildup from the purine rich pea protein. And I sourced an almond based protein powder supplement made in Austria. 
I hope I can get my hands on it in the USA. Sick of eating almonds. 
Also coconut oil itself makes me sick to my stomach lately as does the Udo's oil supplements. The nuts and avo's are my only healthy oils source aside from this vegans normal (though reduced) bout of grain free French Fries, Tater Tots, Has Browns, Potatoes O'Brein (minus cheese) loaded with a tomato field worth of ketchup.

Monday, May 02, 2016

If Russia were to invade NoKo

North Korea is annoying. It would be interesting to see Russia invade North Korea and babysit Kim as a North Korean Leader & Government in Exile to Siberia. Giving Tibet's governement officials a new home in the North Korean capital might stir China's brevety, but it might add some balance to the tumultuous Asian mini-nation. 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

New Flavor

Finally!!! A flavor I don't have associated with any past boyfriend or dating experience, particularly vegan as "his flavor". Therapy! 

ASEAN Families before USA policies

I picked up a newspaper today from the hotel concierge. I've been living the past 5 months In Hawaii between the North Shore surf contests, a dojo in disrepair, & hotels on the weekends. 
If the USA were treated as unfair in a trade group, as I was born to their country and treated so badly;- there wouldn't be much left of the USA. It wouldn't matter if the provisions  of a trade deal were broken, despite threats and USA congress. That is aside from any other economic policies that effect total USA economic superiority. My prior role as an expoditer will not matter much in the near future as USA does not acknowledge or respect those of us whose families are already involved in actual international trade & shipping. Rather, the USA rapidly attempts to execute our families in entirety in exchange for its own subversive underground and military plan. 
Despite my Japanese and Chinese heritage, I cannot at all blame China for disallowing aggressive USA forces to its gateway shores.  

NWO. Unload freight in international water.

We need a barge/platform for freight loaders. No more docking ships for freight transfer, unless in need of serious repairs.