Sunday, April 24, 2016

World War Idiots vs. Terrorist tests

This morning, my grain-free continental breakfast at the Aqua Aloha Surf hotel  was a ricebowl 75% full of boiled peanuts and kidney beans, some pickled cabbage, and some brown  and too salty Chinese kim-chee. I haven't had Chinese kimchee since 2002 when I sat down to a dinner with a Chinese Ambassador and his family in a Philadelphia suburb. The Ambassador had made a fresh kimchee that was quite delicious, and completely vegan.

The Technology Exists
Drone Flash Drives- flying and robotic drones with remote download capabilities.
Liquid Metal Smart Drives- small Terminator inspired military & contractor grade  smart drives with classified information. Have integrated weapons systems, robotic and drone capabilities with AI.
Precursor to Liquid metal smart drives with integrated weapons system
Also, the Drone Drive- to keep CIA intel out of fistfights and gunfire.

The www was up for discussion on this morning's news. I don't think that anyone really wants a media controlled USA, where we no longer have "internet." The bottom line is that the technology exists, and despite the intentions behind MOST average users, USA is discussing shutting it down due to terrorist & international threats. If anything, like the outdated e-machines that made the market in the mid 90's to simplify useage;- maybe they should keep the technology for basic internet use a single task piece of technology on a single bandwidth.

Yesterday, I also caught a lunchtime showing of the movie Criminal. It was fascinating or rather one of the DUMBEST movies I have seen,  that intel groups were having to compete for a "Flash Drive" that gave terrorist access to the USA's missle arsenal. Missile launches from a silo and a nuclear submarine, at the control of terrorists who seemed to understand (and self detonate the missile) how pathetically "simple" weapons  technology is to hijack.

The fact that US national security seems to be idiot-a-fied;- is tragic in itself. Obviously, the USA really needs to reconsider doing a complete overhaul on its National Security offices.

Better movie topic:
They made "smart drives" out of liquid metal technology and a new crystalline based disc that will last over 1.6 years. The terminator like smart drives have a built in weapons system that eradicates Terrorists and National security officers and anyone who attempts to access the missile defense systems beyond routine system check. In the future as more benevolent and clueless Internet and technology users have found a peaceable way to continue trading goods and make new ideas that "save" the planet and people in disasters;- the smart drives decide to self detonate. Their self detonating feature includes a comprehensive launch of over 50% of the missile stock. A superhero from the future like terminator returns back in time to save the human world.